Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gloomy weather

I hate this kind of weather. I feel very gloomy and I don't feel like doing anything.

I worked two days this weekend. Yay for more money... I can't to get paid. So many people left sushi shop... only a few cooks and Sacha are still there (on left). Cedric, the sushi chef, is new and pretty fun to work with =3

But my hips and knees hurt so much from standing so long!

With school, today, we went to the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal. I was really pissed because the teacher told us 2 different meeting points and a couple of friends and I were waiting at the wrong place. Ugh.

And then we got to the museum.

Instead of a regular visit, they made us some kind of ridiculous painting with gouache and gloves.

To a bunch of college students... >.> My friends and I got bored and painted some non-sense on the table and on each other's overalls.

And then we proceeded to the visit. I really hate visiting a musem with a guide because they always act snob showing off their art knowledge. I really hate it when they proceed to tell you the whole mystery behind the painting; don't tell me! I wanna find out by myself !!! TT____TT

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I think it's really funny how people delete you from their facebook and think you won't notice.

That's too bad Laure, we lived together for 3 months, although at the end you guys were being quite unfair to me, I didn't do or say anything wrong except express my disappointed when neither you nor Sophie wanted to hang out with me for my last two days in France.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Official blog

So a lot of you are confused with my constant change of blogs recently... and I don't blame you!

I finally set my mind on blogger; I think the interface is quite simple but the widgets are quite complete and fun! I just loooooooooove the playlist one ! =D Like the music?

I love Yiruma, thanks < Jer > for making me listen to him. Whenever I listen to his music, I feel like starting piano again... I miss playing... arg why wasn't I serious enough to keep playing? =(

Recently I posted a link on my facebook concerning a very sad article I read on the Mail Online UK about a mother who killed her disabled daughter and herself in car fire after suffering from years of abuse and bullying (the article here). I posted it because I wanted to get my friend's opinion concerning the bullying problem that women and her daughter endured for many years. I got a lot of opinions and it was quite an interesting conversation until I got this message:

And this reminded me how annoying people are when they wanna play psycologist with you. Girl up there is a high school kid who use to send phylosophic questions to my ex-bf and it always pissed me off because she knew I wasn't really into that kind of stuff. Back in the days, I would have just...meh... if I had a chance to but I just forgot about her.

But there she goes. So because I'm posting something concerning bullying, automatically I was bullied? So does that make people who don't post these kind of stuff bullies >.>

And no I wasn't bullied.

Some people hated me back in sec 2, it was a misunderstanding and in the end, we became friends.

And what's with the < XD > ?

What if I really used to be bullied, I would damn more insulted... I would probably not even hide your name, jackass.

So next time, go play psychologist with kids of your age and leave me alone.

Ok on a completely different subject.... I wanted to post pictures but something's wrong with blogger so I'll upload a bit later !

There you go Cindy <3>

haha !!

Friday, September 11, 2009


People usually commemorate a 9/11 for a different reason then I do.

Four years ago, my dear cousin passed away at the young age of 25, leaving behing is beloved fiancée and his 2 childrens. He had cancer.

The year that followed his death was really dark for me, as I felt guilty for not being close enough to my cousin. Even nowadays the memory I cherish the more is very hazy since they are from when I used to go to my grandmother's house. He was always there to mow the lawn.

Isn't it a bit ridiculous?

But the clearest memories are from sad events. The day he knocked at our door, my mom had forgotten to tell me he was staying over because he needed to go to the hospital for a few tests. The day I visited him at the hospital, a years later. At the funeral service.

I try to stay away from these because they are very painful moments.

Especially the funeral.

I think it's the only time I saw my older brother cry. My cousins were crying while carrying the coffin.

Oh God it's such a painful memory.

Anyway it's a hard day but I'll get through it !

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dear Neurologue,

Today I went to the hospital and I learned that I have to change neurologue. Dr. Jircsh will be leaving the hospital (and the province) so I will be refered to another Doctor.

I'm quite sad about this because he's been following me for 2 years already. Dr. Jircsh is really kind and always made an effort to speak to me in French even if he was English. Whenever he had a hard time, I didn't mind speaking English to him but he always insisted speaking in French. I think his French improved a lot since the first time I came to his office and that is something both my mother and I appreciated from him.

Something funny about Dr. Jircsh is that he was REALLY light blond lashes and eyebrows! It's something my mother and I couldn't stop staring at! It's so impressive because he's hair is more like a light brown, dark blond... but his LASHES!

Anyway, he was very attentive and he was able to chose the best medicine for my case. Finally having someone who knew what was wrong with me was a great relief and I will never forget how he announced me my disability; it both relieved and pained me but now I've come to accept it and it makes me a stronger person now.

I think when you have a serious illness or other health problem, it's important to have a good relationship with your Doctor. Fortunately, it was the case with Dr. Jircsh and I'm very grateful about this since it made it easier for me to accept my condition =3

So I wish the best to Dr. Jircsh and I hope he will be able to keep helping a lot of other patients in the future!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yet a new blog

So I changed my blog again!

The reason I did so is that I didn't want to keep using my wordpress blog since most people in my family still check it out. The first purpose of that blog was to talk about my experience in France but since I'm now back in Canada, it's time for me to move to a new blog.

My experience in France was quite constructive. Since my return, I've been avoiding answering the question since most people assume that since I was in France, it was great. Honestly, it's quite delusional of them to think like that... sometimes it kinda pisses me off.

Now don't get me wrong: I didn't hate living there... but it wasn't the best experience in my life. Let me explain why...

First, French people aren't the most heart-warming or welcoming people... even tho' they are the #1 destination in world (careful... that might change soon since China is catching up!!) they were quite unwelcoming...even to a fellow francophone which surprised me since everybody says that French people are very welcoming when it comes to meeting Quebecers.

Sadly it wasn't my case.

I was also very disapointed in my internship as the whole staff made me feel like I wasn't really needed, just a cheap employee who just had to do fill whatever spot was empty. After the first two months, I really had enough and started counting the days until I would be back in Montreal.

I also had problems with some co-workers who didn't quite agree that I was there, which made me feel very miserable in my last weeks...

Anyway, from now on... let's not talk about my experience in France since it kinda brings back not so good memories !

Last week, It was the Festival des Films du Monde in Montreal !! I was really excited because I got to see one of my favorite actor, EITA!

I couldn't attend the press conferenc, but my friends did and two of got to ask him a question.

My friend Rania got to ask him : " How did you prepare yourself to play in Dear Doctor?"

Basically he answers that he got to volunteer in hospital and watch how Doctor's interacted with patients. If someone has the exact translation... that would be awesome!haha

I took a few pictures with my cellphone but they aren't very clear...

My friends Viet took very nice pictures... but he has yet to upload them! haha You can find official pictures on the the FFM website ! Like this one:

Even tho' the movie didn't get any prizes, it was a great movie and it really deserved one =3 I wish it'll make a great impression back in Japan ! =D