Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dear Neurologue,

Today I went to the hospital and I learned that I have to change neurologue. Dr. Jircsh will be leaving the hospital (and the province) so I will be refered to another Doctor.

I'm quite sad about this because he's been following me for 2 years already. Dr. Jircsh is really kind and always made an effort to speak to me in French even if he was English. Whenever he had a hard time, I didn't mind speaking English to him but he always insisted speaking in French. I think his French improved a lot since the first time I came to his office and that is something both my mother and I appreciated from him.

Something funny about Dr. Jircsh is that he was REALLY light blond lashes and eyebrows! It's something my mother and I couldn't stop staring at! It's so impressive because he's hair is more like a light brown, dark blond... but his LASHES!

Anyway, he was very attentive and he was able to chose the best medicine for my case. Finally having someone who knew what was wrong with me was a great relief and I will never forget how he announced me my disability; it both relieved and pained me but now I've come to accept it and it makes me a stronger person now.

I think when you have a serious illness or other health problem, it's important to have a good relationship with your Doctor. Fortunately, it was the case with Dr. Jircsh and I'm very grateful about this since it made it easier for me to accept my condition =3

So I wish the best to Dr. Jircsh and I hope he will be able to keep helping a lot of other patients in the future!!

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