Monday, September 21, 2009

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So a lot of you are confused with my constant change of blogs recently... and I don't blame you!

I finally set my mind on blogger; I think the interface is quite simple but the widgets are quite complete and fun! I just loooooooooove the playlist one ! =D Like the music?

I love Yiruma, thanks < Jer > for making me listen to him. Whenever I listen to his music, I feel like starting piano again... I miss playing... arg why wasn't I serious enough to keep playing? =(

Recently I posted a link on my facebook concerning a very sad article I read on the Mail Online UK about a mother who killed her disabled daughter and herself in car fire after suffering from years of abuse and bullying (the article here). I posted it because I wanted to get my friend's opinion concerning the bullying problem that women and her daughter endured for many years. I got a lot of opinions and it was quite an interesting conversation until I got this message:

And this reminded me how annoying people are when they wanna play psycologist with you. Girl up there is a high school kid who use to send phylosophic questions to my ex-bf and it always pissed me off because she knew I wasn't really into that kind of stuff. Back in the days, I would have just...meh... if I had a chance to but I just forgot about her.

But there she goes. So because I'm posting something concerning bullying, automatically I was bullied? So does that make people who don't post these kind of stuff bullies >.>

And no I wasn't bullied.

Some people hated me back in sec 2, it was a misunderstanding and in the end, we became friends.

And what's with the < XD > ?

What if I really used to be bullied, I would damn more insulted... I would probably not even hide your name, jackass.

So next time, go play psychologist with kids of your age and leave me alone.

Ok on a completely different subject.... I wanted to post pictures but something's wrong with blogger so I'll upload a bit later !

There you go Cindy <3>

haha !!

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