Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yet a new blog

So I changed my blog again!

The reason I did so is that I didn't want to keep using my wordpress blog since most people in my family still check it out. The first purpose of that blog was to talk about my experience in France but since I'm now back in Canada, it's time for me to move to a new blog.

My experience in France was quite constructive. Since my return, I've been avoiding answering the question since most people assume that since I was in France, it was great. Honestly, it's quite delusional of them to think like that... sometimes it kinda pisses me off.

Now don't get me wrong: I didn't hate living there... but it wasn't the best experience in my life. Let me explain why...

First, French people aren't the most heart-warming or welcoming people... even tho' they are the #1 destination in world (careful... that might change soon since China is catching up!!) they were quite unwelcoming...even to a fellow francophone which surprised me since everybody says that French people are very welcoming when it comes to meeting Quebecers.

Sadly it wasn't my case.

I was also very disapointed in my internship as the whole staff made me feel like I wasn't really needed, just a cheap employee who just had to do fill whatever spot was empty. After the first two months, I really had enough and started counting the days until I would be back in Montreal.

I also had problems with some co-workers who didn't quite agree that I was there, which made me feel very miserable in my last weeks...

Anyway, from now on... let's not talk about my experience in France since it kinda brings back not so good memories !

Last week, It was the Festival des Films du Monde in Montreal !! I was really excited because I got to see one of my favorite actor, EITA!

I couldn't attend the press conferenc, but my friends did and two of got to ask him a question.

My friend Rania got to ask him : " How did you prepare yourself to play in Dear Doctor?"

Basically he answers that he got to volunteer in hospital and watch how Doctor's interacted with patients. If someone has the exact translation... that would be awesome!haha

I took a few pictures with my cellphone but they aren't very clear...

My friends Viet took very nice pictures... but he has yet to upload them! haha You can find official pictures on the the FFM website ! Like this one:

Even tho' the movie didn't get any prizes, it was a great movie and it really deserved one =3 I wish it'll make a great impression back in Japan ! =D

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