Friday, October 30, 2009

Turquoise pants

This morning I was watching Salut Bonjour (a morning news show) and the previous animator that was there for 13 years was on! I was happy to see him since he's funny, it lighten up my day!

But I woke up for nothing because my English class was cancelled so I talked a bit with my brother and did my make up! But then I decided to nap around 11 and I woke up at 4! XD That's a pretty long nap! I was so happy because my make-up was still perfect! I love Lise Watier Make Up base for eyes and lips! =D


The other night I went shopping with Tami and she tried on this costume! It was too small but it still looked very cute on her! =D


Just camwhoring~

My brother " Halloween costume " ; he just wanted to wear a lot of colors at the same time! But I kept telling him that the turquoise jeans are really cool and he should wear them more often! Can't believe he only paid 5$ for these! haha

Friday, October 23, 2009

A light in my crappy day

When I'm sad, I like to wonder around town alone. Sadly it was raining and I forgot my umbrealla at home so I went to Eaton center and bought a few items...

I really used it until the end, didn't I? Don't waste make-up
people, use it until there's really no more !

Lise Watier primer.
I can't wait to try this!

I guess I'm a bit depressed, I know I should be saving my money up but when I'm sad
I just have to change my mind and do something I like. But what I bought is justified!

The black dress is for the funeral I'm attending this week-end. I also got the primer to
make sure my friend's make-up wouldn't run at the funeral since we can't have her
looking not so good in front of so many people so I'll fix her make-up for her.

The other top and the leggings only cost 22$ together! Not bad right? =3 The
leggings make my legs look mad skinny ! Love. Same for the top since the collar
is big, brigns attention to the top and the belt enhance my thin waist =3

I didn't feel like taking pics of myself wearing tho ^^"" I'm a hot mess right now.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Fall 2010 isn't great for me so far.

I'm trying to hang in there but I'm starting to be tired. I lack sleep; I think too much about everything and I have a hard time talking about what's going on with me because my friends have a lot going on too. I'm a better ear then a talker...

Last night my friend called me because her boyfriend left her in the most cruel way. I feel so sorry for her. I didn't think a guy as bad as Sungmoo existed but it seems there is. I wish I never cross his path on ther street... hurting my friend like that... what a jerk!

I feel disappointed right now too. After not replying to my emails or texts, my loved one replied to a short message today asking him if he was ok and all by a simple and mean naggy comment about my liking towards the Korean culture.

The more he nags about it... the more it hurts me.

I'm very open-minded and I always feel insulted when someone is racist towards an ethnicity. I'm not chinese but when someone says something disrespectful towards Chinese people, I step in because I feel I need to for my friends.

I will never hide who I am and step on my own values because it doesn't fit with someone's else. It's selfish but how can you be yourself if you hide behing fake values?

Anyway... that's what keeping me up at night. Right now I try to focus on helping the people around me more and at school. So far I've had great results and I'm really happy about it: I want my cote R to go up!

On a happier note... I love wednesdays because I have a CPR class and the teacher is fun =) Today we practiced haha it was fun.

We had a simulated that a pencil was stuck in the thight of someone haha

My team! The teacher said we had the best haha

After I passed by the Cegep du Vieux to see the Maid Cafe before it started. It,s a good thing I did because Ria definitely needed a make-up retouch after rushing to get there! I should have taken a picture, she looked so cute after <3 I gave her a perfect complexion by hidding her dark circles (Ria go to sleep early!) and rosie cheeks with mineral blush! She looked with a dool! She had chose a nice vibrant pink lip gloss... anyway she looked damn cute!

I didn't stay long because I was a bit asocial so I went to buy 3 mangas and headed home to work on a project.

God I hate team project! My teamates switched my parts without telling me! I hate working for nothing and I hate when I end up doing all the stuff last minute... -___-

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today was my brother's birthday.
We went to a mexican restaurant and ate with his
frieds. It was fun :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2PM Flash Mob

Oii Oii!

Please check out our flash mob that was filmed this week-end in the Old Port of Montreal.

I'm very happy with the result (duh I'm the one who did the filming and editing).

No but seriously, everyone worked very hard and I know we are not perfect dancers but the goal of this was to reunite Montreal Hottests and show our love for 2PM since they are going through a rough time right now.

Nowadays, it's very easy to hide behind a nickname and say things you would never have guts to say in face. When we came back home, someone we trusted had leaked some footage on youtube and wrote very hurtful comments, especially about the fact that we are not always in sync.

I do acknowledge the fact that we are not always in sync but we Hottests did our best and enjoyed ourselves so if you are just going to be unpleasant, I would kindly ask you to keep you negative comments for yourself.

Thank you for those who support us and support 2PM!

Monday, October 12, 2009


My parents have a coffee machine and I like to drink coffee and make shape in the mousse.
My heart is kinda fail... but it was still yummy. Sweet and sugary coffee~

I usually take baths at night to relax after a day of work but I didn't go to work today.
I have a huge blister under my foot and I really had to finish a project for school.

Ugh I hate mid-term.

Six more weeks and it's Xmas vacations !!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My light

It's october already.

I got a haircut before Eunyoung left for Korea. I just love how MnC looks =) I miss
you Unnie already!

I didn't change much... just a trim haha XD

In september I received my Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette. Seriously, everyone
has to get one of these! The colors are soooo nice. I don't really wear eyeshadow because
I can't find colors that are nice in drugstores. These are the size of a dime but you don't need
a lot because the colors are very very opaque!

I like to take a liner brush, dip it in water and line my eyes with the eyeshadow. Instead of buying
colored eyeliners, I use this now =) You can buy it here and it's only 19,95$ USD!!! Get it!

The brushes are also very good quality and soooo soft <3

Once I have money, I plan on getting a camo squad and more gel liners (they are also very good!)


Aki got a haircut and he's looking smoking hot. He got his hair permed and I think it's ultra
cute but he doesn't really like it so he straightens it =( 

If you write Aki like this:  it means fall.
My Aki is written like this: .It means light/bright.

It suits him because he's my light =)

Blog stars

I think the blogger I like the most is Xiaxue. I was on soompi reading a thread about crystalizing your gadgets and a member linked Xiaxue's guide to life. I really like her and started to read her blog =)

She often gets criticized because she's raw and she's not scared for giving her opinion: that's what I like about her =)

So anyway, I also follow her on twitter and she's funny XD She responded to one of my tweets today, yay! <3

Got a cookie from Xiaxue?

Then get out o' here! Just kidding XD