Friday, October 23, 2009

A light in my crappy day

When I'm sad, I like to wonder around town alone. Sadly it was raining and I forgot my umbrealla at home so I went to Eaton center and bought a few items...

I really used it until the end, didn't I? Don't waste make-up
people, use it until there's really no more !

Lise Watier primer.
I can't wait to try this!

I guess I'm a bit depressed, I know I should be saving my money up but when I'm sad
I just have to change my mind and do something I like. But what I bought is justified!

The black dress is for the funeral I'm attending this week-end. I also got the primer to
make sure my friend's make-up wouldn't run at the funeral since we can't have her
looking not so good in front of so many people so I'll fix her make-up for her.

The other top and the leggings only cost 22$ together! Not bad right? =3 The
leggings make my legs look mad skinny ! Love. Same for the top since the collar
is big, brigns attention to the top and the belt enhance my thin waist =3

I didn't feel like taking pics of myself wearing tho ^^"" I'm a hot mess right now.

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  1. I'm the friend in question and YES the make-up stayed allllll day :P even after I cried my eyes out . . .