Friday, October 30, 2009

Turquoise pants

This morning I was watching Salut Bonjour (a morning news show) and the previous animator that was there for 13 years was on! I was happy to see him since he's funny, it lighten up my day!

But I woke up for nothing because my English class was cancelled so I talked a bit with my brother and did my make up! But then I decided to nap around 11 and I woke up at 4! XD That's a pretty long nap! I was so happy because my make-up was still perfect! I love Lise Watier Make Up base for eyes and lips! =D


The other night I went shopping with Tami and she tried on this costume! It was too small but it still looked very cute on her! =D


Just camwhoring~

My brother " Halloween costume " ; he just wanted to wear a lot of colors at the same time! But I kept telling him that the turquoise jeans are really cool and he should wear them more often! Can't believe he only paid 5$ for these! haha

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  1. tu devrais faire ce genre de make-up plus souvent ca te vas bien! ^^