Monday, November 23, 2009

Counting down the days

Nowadays people are very self-centered. It's natural to be self-centered...afterall... it's Jesus who said you gotta love yourself before loving others, so I'll blame him for all the people who are a little bit too self-centered and need a wake up call.

Here are the kind of situation that annoy me the most!

1) The cellphone addict at a fast food joint

Everyone uses cellphones today and it's cool with me but there are times and place where you shouldn't use it. You never got annoyed by that girl sitting at the back of the bus, talking about her last hook-up so loudly that even the bus driver is sick of her?

Lately, people have reached a whole new level; ordering food while talking on the phone. I work at the fast food joint and even though it's quite a shitty job, I'm always in a good mood and smiling at customers because everyone hates bad service right? Gotta deserve my tip! But I absolutely hate it when people talk on the phone and keep talking even though it's their turn to order! Take your friend's order before getting in line and put down the phone for a sec here, there are around 30 people waiting behind you while you are chatting instead of ordering! This situation really annoys me because even though I'm polite and smiling, the person will always snob me. Fuck off, I swear next time this happens, I'll pull out my phone and talk on the phone while taking their order, see if you like it!

She's really cute but I'm sure she'll be one of those 
when she grows up =(

2) The "make sure to let your friends know how's your relationship" MSN status

Honestly, if I really want to know how long you've been with your boyfriend, I'll ask you... otherwise I don't give a shit. Really, people like that, I think they either...
  • need to remind their partner how long they've been together and that means your bf/gf sucks and he deserved to sleep on the floor.
  • comfort themselves by putting how long they've been together because something isn't right now with their partner
  • pressure their partner to not dump them because they've been together for X time.
Really, keep it for yourself...

3) The "don't forget my birthday" Facebook status

Facebook is a great thing for remembering your friends' birthdays... because I kinda fail at that. I'm the kind of person who would forget to call a friend to wish happy birthday... even if they are born on the same day as me >.> so thanks to Facebook for telling me... so I REALLY don't need you to tell me...

That it's coming up in 38 days! Honestly, why do people even think of that? I'll like start telling some of my friends maybe a week or two before? But I won't put up a countdown on Facebook... and that also applies to MSN btw. >.>


I think this screencap is self explanatory...

Twitter is for SHORT updates... just because you only have 140 characters, doesn't mean you can write 12! GET A BLOG! WRITE A NOTE ON FACEBOOK! TALK TO YOUR FRIEND ON MSN! But please, spare my feed.

Anyway, hope you are not doing some of these things... or you are probably one of the person in those screencaps that I spared the identity haha. Oh and sorry girls if you are reading, you're annoying but I still love you~

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  1. HAHAHAHA i love this entry, I totally agree!!!!
    what's with all those "give me attention" status... "It's my birthday, remember to give me something." lol