Saturday, November 21, 2009

My angel

My dog is an angel =)

He came to sleep next to me while I was gaming ^^

What a cutie~

His name is Echo and he's a very funny dog!
When I had a bad day and I get home, Echo is always the happiest to see me! He jumps around and roll on his back =)
He also knows a lot of tricks; my favorite is when you shout "BANG" and point at him, he's falls on the ground and cries, like if he was shot, then you say "ARE YOU DEAD?" and he stops crying and drop his head and stops moving. It sounds kinda cruel but it's really funny when he does it XD
Anyway, my big boy was sleeping next to me and I woke him up because I wanted to pet him ha ha!

He's so cute

How lame am I to fangirl over my own dog haha

I spent my evening cleanin my room and playing Diablo 2!
Tomorow I'm going to meet a friend I haven't seen in 4 years!
He left to move in another country at the end of sec 3 and I haven't seen him since. I'm glad we kept talking on MSN all this time because now he is back and he told me he doesn't have friends anymore.
I find that quite sad...Imagine going away and coming back having almost no friends left... I can't imagine how it feels like. Must be very lonely...
So I invited him to JSC party tomorow, I hope he can make friends there =)

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  1. Moi aussi j'veux jouer à diablo! J'ai trouvé un CD key, alors jpourrai peut-être jouer sur mon mac!!!