Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This one is for you Charlie!

On tuesday, I decided to go watch my friends trick since it's been a while since I went. Charlie picked me up at LG station and we drove there. Like before, I bothered him with my music (teeheehee) and we met up with Jeremy to eat Subway <3

Charlie always says that he looks bad in pictures, but I think
this one is pretty cute !!

After eating, we went to the gym and I watched the guys training. I love to watch them train, even if I don't trick anymore, it's still cool very cool to watch. I  gave Charlie a hand when his friend was having a hard time learning how to do a 360.

Charlie was working on his grandmaster swipe and he was doing quite good until his third shot... he had a really bad landing and he didn't move, saying his arm was messed up. We called 911 and the ambulance men supposed his arm was dislocated so we went to the hospital. I went with Charlie; I couldn't leave my friend alone!

I tried my best to stay positive and happy-go-lucky and he told me later he was happy I wasn't freaking out... that vocally since I was freaking out in my head!


Once we got to the hospital, his parents were there, they were so worried! His mother thanked me at least 12 times for accompanying him and all. It was the first time I met his parents so it was a little bit funny! I left after that and joined B and J oppa =)

The next day, Charlie called me and told me that his arm was actually fractured and that he would be discharged later that day. Hopefully he will heal soon!

With J and B, that night, we drank and every cheers we did was for Charlie!

B and I finally managed to take a good picture of us together!

B singing his heart out for Charlie (and J laughing! lol)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed it !

Sorry for the lack of updates, I had a lot of things going on at the same time.

But I will update when I get back to Montreal !

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Party time !

Yesterday was the party B Oppa had been talking about for days! It was really fun! At first, we all met at Jan Bius and I was a bit shy since everyone spoke in Korean except me: I was quite the minority last night! It doesn’t really bother me tho’… it just makes me wish I could speak Korean too! One day, one day…

We later moved to Pang pang for 2 or 3 hours and Keumerz joined us =D We took a taxi and moved to B Oppa’s appartement to keep drinking there.


J singing like there is no tomorow

B Oppa had warned me it was going to be a crazy night but I’m glad it wasn’t as crazy as I expected it to be! Plus, he and JB Oppa looked after me. When we were at the apartment, I dozed off a for a short while and I woke up to a very heated conversation… the boys were debating who between JB and J looked more like a virgin… very pointless but it was still funny.

SH and Keumerz salvaging food~

Keumerz channelling Lee Hyori, Ok?
Fraternal rape?

Then the cops showed up at 5am because we were too loud! I’m actually surprised we didn’t get warned earlier… we were really loud! Not too long after that most people left and only Keumerz and I stayed over.

It was really funny because Keumerz and I were sleeping the the bed and B was on the floor. I woke up around 12:00 and looked at the floor and Oppa was gone, so I was surprised! I looked on the other side of the bed and he was sleeping there, Keumerz was gone! Once he woke up, he told me she had left at around 10:00am.

Keumerz, I can’t believe you were able to get up so early!

Did you have to climb a mountain today?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A fool's food

So today I was working at Sushi Shop today and remembered to prepare some for J Oppa since he had been bugging me about it. We decided to meet later so I could give it to him.

I hadn't really planned to go downtown tonight but I asked Viet to meet me in a cafe and we talked for a while and exchanged book suggestions (I kid you know, I'm a bit of a book lover =3) It was fun; we hadn't met in a while so I was happy to see him.

Viet's new hairstyle shocked me when I saw it the frist time,
but now I really love it! I think he looks even more handsome now =)

A picture that really represents him! haha

Then we separated way and I called J Oppa but he didn't reply, even 15 minutes later. So I texted D Oppa and he told me he would get him to call me... not even 2 minutes later, J Oppa called me and we arranged to meet at the corner of Sherbrooke and Peel. However, I didn't hear him tell me to text him once I would be there so I waited 25 minutes in the cold... he called me wondering where I was and showed up a few minutes later.

I was a bit upset for waiting that long after walking all the way there but I didn't want to let it show: we chatted for a few minutes and I excused myself because I was too cold. I felt like I was used again... D Oppa said it's because I'm nice... I think sometimes I'm just too times. Now that I think of it, J Oppa is no one really special to me, I mean he's just a friend I met a few weeks ago so I feel like an idiot for going through a lot of troubles just for giving him a few pieces of sushi I made at work.

I'm idiot~

At least I had fun with Viet so my evening was not ruined =3

Monday, December 14, 2009

Not even an offense

It is sad how simple Facebook fun can take a tragic turn... well at least for a few people.

Saturday night, out of boredom, July and I were talking about the expressions we hate the most and we concluded that "dope" was the most awful one. Honestly, I don't even understand why it could possibly be a positive adjective: come on, slang for dopamine? Please...

So we decided to make a Facebook group called: " I'm sick of hearing people say "dope" all the time " and added as a joke that we would charge people a dollar and give it to a non-profit organization... being a book nerd I chose the Fondation d'Alphabétisation because I personally believe that it’s a really sad thing that today in our modern society, some people still don’t have that chance to learn how to read nor to write. I then invited my friends, wrote a little joke in the invitation message and that’s it.

One of my friends took it very personally; she says the word dope… probably in every sentence that comes out of her mouth but I just joked about it and said: “Well you know, maybe it’s time you find new words”. As it was turning into a facebook wall and status war, I just deleted the comments and status so that people wouldn’t have a forum to fight anymore however; it wasn’t enough as my inbox was invaded by messages. I didn’t bother to reply: why would I have to justify myself about a Facebook group I made as a joke? Afterall, they’re my friends, they should already realize it’s a big fat joke.

Sadly I woke up this morning to this note…

Small or big offense?

Nothing personal against the person who started the group but I am offended by the bad taste of this "joke". Maybe I am overreacting, but in my humble opinion, I DON'T THINK SO. Why offended? Because it looks like a personnal attack to my friends who uses the word "dope". In this group's information page, they wrote : " From now on, I will tax every person who say "dope" on either msn, facebook, in text messages or any other devices of communication or in a conversation 1$ and will give all the founds to the Fondation d'Alphabétisation.(Aldult literacy -Alphabetization foundation)": more than the group's name, this very information kinda shocked me by its nastyness. The implicit meaning of it, as I interpret it, is that any person that uses the word dope will be grouped with illiterate people. Thus, that they are uneducated people. Which is not true. Dope is a slang word and if people want to use it they should be allowed to do so without having to suffer the "hate" of untolerants people. 

N.B. To a "special" person : La jalousie est un vilain défaut....DOPE!

I simply replied because I thought it would not be appropriate to start a debate on Facebook but since this is my own personal space and I rule in every way here, this is what my politically correct answer on Facebook following this note really meant:

There are TONS of racist, discriminating and mean groups on facebook. Facebook is a great tool to both unite people but also raise them one against each other. However, you have to be smart enough to distinguish when it’s just a joke and when it’s serious business. I’m not starting a KKK here… I’m just saying I’m tired of the word “dope” ! And it seems I’m not alone… so what? I didn’t say I was going nazi on anyone.

I didn’t personally attack anyone. You guys know my style, when I attack someone, I go all in (I’ve attacked a few people in the past in this blog, some of the posts were removed some are still hidden somewhere, have fun tyring to find them). I don’t care about censorship or anything like that: if I mean to hurt you, I won’t take any detours and will go straight to the point. Therefore, if my goal was to insult directly Nana Sam because, yes, she uses the word dope sometimes in the most awful situations, I would have put as a title: “I’m sick of hearing Nana Sam say “dope” all the time”… which I didn’t.

Claiming that people who are victims of illiteracy are uneducated is a lack of education itself. I insist here on the word victims, because sadly in our society today, even in Canada, there are still, kids and adults who didn’t or won’t have a chance to learn how to read and write. Can we blame them? No. I never claimed people who use the word the word dope are illiterate or uneducated. Maybe, they lack a bit vocabulary, but that is still my own personal opinion.

I have no idea where the jealousy argument comes from so it’s not even worth replying to that part.

Another part I would like to reply is some of the comments.

1)      About “discovering an aspect of my personality you didn’t know”
I’ve always been cynical and had a weird sense of humour, take it or leave it. If you haven’t noticed before, well it’s probably that you haven’t taken the time to go beyond the surface. I think Herve captured my sense of humor pretty well when I sent him these photoshopped pictures of him… He loved them XD

2)      About insinuating that I don’t respect my friends
I believe I respect my friends enough to tell them when something is annoying or make them look a bit like a fool, then again, that is your prerogative and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Reminder: that also includes me. Again, once I state my opinion, it’s up to you to take it or leave it. Let’s not forget; when I created the group, I wasn’t pointing my finger at anyone. I’m sorry that you felt I created because of you, but please, don’t think so highly of yourself.

3)      Freedom of speech (Human right)
I totally agree here. Everyone is free to speak the way they want whenever they want without being judged. Let’s just not forget that includes me.

4)      Ray’s comment
Please read 7 times

5)      Eru’s comment
Stated exactly my state of mind

Finally, I would like to say that I am fairly disappointed in my friends who didn’t hesitate into naming me as the bad witch that needed to be burned on the public place. You felt offended by my group, ok, but did I force you to join it? No, I may have suggested that your use of the word “dope” is a bit excessive but that is my opinion. Should I be the only one going down? People who joined my group on their own free will are just as guilty as me.4

I believe this could have been solved in a very polite and private manner instead of letting the whole world know how much of a bitch I am but since you chose to expose all this on a public forum, I believe my readers will also be very interested in what I have to say.

edit: and now after explaining myself, I'm offering peace, I'm not here to create problems, I have a better use of my free time. It's up to you people who were "offended" to get over it or not. I'm moving on.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Today I had my law exam and it didn't go so well... the teacher told us in class to only study a certain chapters... but she ended up asking questions about everything we learned in the whole semester... I'm so unhappy about that !

There I'm happy for something else!

At 7:30, I met up with July, B Oppa and two of my highschool friends at the Place Jacques Cartier to watch the festivities of the Olympic Torch. When we arrived, it was a bit confusing because there were natives amerindiens shouting "No Olympics on a stolen land" and manifesting... I usually feel very sympathetic towards them because it is a bit true... but I was very unhappy to see them trying to ruin everybody's fun! I felt like snatching their signs and smashing their heads with it. How many times do we still have to apologize for our ancestors mistakes? How long is this going to last? It is pointless... in my opinion, the more you try to make troubles in big celebrations like that... the less people feel sympathy for your cause.

ANYWAY, we stood outside for 45 minutes, funny music was playing on the stage. There was this drums band who was from Senegal or something and they sang three songs. In all the songs, they basically kept saying "Merci" but on a different rythm! We cold very cold so we decided to go inside the Java U... not even 15 seconds inside, we heard the crowd cheering so we ran outside and we got there in time: the torch had just arrived and the lady holding it ran in front of us: I was able to snap a picture of her =)

She must have felt very good tonight: having everyone cheering on you. I really must be a great honor to light the flame in Montreal and standing on that stage!

July and the flag in background / The stage, so pretty~

Later I joined J Oppa and his friend. J was quite tired so he wasn't as talkative but his friend was quite funny =) His friend wanted to go karaoke but I have an exam tomorow and J was quite tired too so he didn't even drinnk. I hope he gets some  rest =)

Oppa warned me that next tuesday, when we are going to celebrate, it is going to be crazy, that we were probably going to stay up all night and it kinda scares me. Last time I did something like that, I was found unconscious in the middle of the street... Of course I don't have too stay up all night but I can't afford a cab and staying at B Oppa's place might be troublesome. I don't want rumors to go around: I really had to clarify today that nothing happened and that nothing is going on!

I don't know what to do... I can't waste all my youth staying home waiting for it to go away... by the time I'm cured... I'll be thirty. I don't want to be like that. But I don't want anyone to see me when I get an attack... I already felt terrible for weeks after that incident... I can't imagine how I would have felt if someone I know would have seen me...

ARGGGGHH I'll just sleep on it. I can't seem to be able to make a decision right now.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Instead of studying

I have a law exam tomorow... but I find it more entertaining to look at old pictures of myself instead! =D

My best friend Marianne and I =3 2003-2004 I think?

Probably in like... 2005 when my hair was a still virgin!

Don't even ask why...

Crazy cosplayer~ 

Little brother and I, 2006-ish~

Oh my... emo days...

Annick and I... in like 2006-2007?

September 2008

extensions !!

shit how many hair colors/styles did I have in 2008 ??????

and most recently!

This post was longer then I expected it! hahaha so which one is your favorite? XD

Monday, December 7, 2009

Where have I been lately?

People keep asking me:

Fred? what's up with you? We haven't seen you in a while!

Well end of term oblige, I'm quite busy lately. But here I am, at 3:20am updating this blog =) Dedicated aren't we?

Recently, Aki and I broke up. I was just to make it official since we both knew it wasn't working for a while. So I don't hold any grudge or anything against him; I still believe he's a good person and I still want people to stop believe he's a bad person. Just because we've parted as a couple, it doesn't mean we can't eventually be friends again.

In the meantime, last week I went to see Eunyoung unni! She finally came back from South Korea and she brought her sister with her, Eunjoo unni! Now I can really tell where Eunyoung bubbly personnality comes from; her sister and her are exactly alike! I'm looking forward to hang out with both of them.

So on december 5th we met up at a korean restaurant and later moved to a korean bar where other people joined us. I'm really happy I went even though I had work because I met really nice people. I was very surprised to meet someone from Saguenay; even more, because she is a korean girl! I also met very funny oppas. Later that night, we went to karaoke and it was fun. We tried a new karaoke that just opened last week; K KARAOKE. I absolutely adore this place! They use the kumyoung system (same as Pang Pang) but the rooms are nicer and the service is sooooooo friendly!

Anyone who lives in Montreal and is a big karaoke fan should check it out!

We stayed there for a couple of hours and Justin Oppa decided to pay the Karaoke for everyone. That was very nice of him :) We walked a bit downtown and I chatted a bit more with B and catched a cab to go home.

A few pics:

Eunjoo and Eunyoung <3

C, B and J(I think?) at karaoke (very blurry picture, sorry !)

This friday, I was home and everyone was busy studying! I was so sick of being home... especially since I wasn't working that night! I logged on facebook and chatted with B Oppa and we decided to meet up at Tokebi Bar.

When I got there, he was with J Oppa and we started to drink with hot sake and continued with a few bottles of soju. We talked and laughed; it was a lot of fun! I'm not very proud of myself though... So far, I was very happy with me because I've never been sick of alcohol and when I joked about it the week before, B said he would break that record of mine... which he did >.<

We stayed at the bar for less then 2 hours and I started to be sick (but I'm still classy in my unclassiness... I didn't puke all over the place, toilet was enough for me.... I hate people who puke allover the place!!!!) We took a cab and went to Oppa's appartement where I slept. I called my work in the morning and told them I was sick and they told me to take the day off as well as sunday too. I went back to sleep and Oppa woke up later.

The funny thing is that he was the one with a hangover... I didn't have any! Because I kept drinking water... but he didn't! At least I won at something. We hung out at his appartement, playing games on our iTouch/iPhone and talking about random stuff: it was fun.

I'm a very simple person so being able to have an honest discussion with someone is really fun. I don't care if we're just hanging out in PJs for 6 hours, checking funny things on the computer, listening to music and all. It was fun, I really enjoyed this time. I was able to get to know Oppa better, since we just recently met. I felt a bit unconfortable about stayed at his place but he is a true gentleman...and no nothing happened, get those weird ideas out of your mind already! >.>

He invited me later to a very good korean restaurant! I didn't have much appetite (in case you forgot, I was sick the night before...) but it was REALLY good *.* !! Since I didn't really know what to order (I'm still new to korean cuisine) I asked him to order what he liked the best =3 I don't remember what was the name of what he ordered for me, but it was absolutely delicious and I felt so bad that I couldn't finish it! Oppa insisted that I bring the rest home so the waiter kindly wrapped it for me =)

Anyway it was very nice and I look forward for next week: this time, I promise, I won't be sick!

now I will go back to studying...

Actually I lied.

I'm going to sleep! ha ha ha !