Friday, December 11, 2009


Today I had my law exam and it didn't go so well... the teacher told us in class to only study a certain chapters... but she ended up asking questions about everything we learned in the whole semester... I'm so unhappy about that !

There I'm happy for something else!

At 7:30, I met up with July, B Oppa and two of my highschool friends at the Place Jacques Cartier to watch the festivities of the Olympic Torch. When we arrived, it was a bit confusing because there were natives amerindiens shouting "No Olympics on a stolen land" and manifesting... I usually feel very sympathetic towards them because it is a bit true... but I was very unhappy to see them trying to ruin everybody's fun! I felt like snatching their signs and smashing their heads with it. How many times do we still have to apologize for our ancestors mistakes? How long is this going to last? It is pointless... in my opinion, the more you try to make troubles in big celebrations like that... the less people feel sympathy for your cause.

ANYWAY, we stood outside for 45 minutes, funny music was playing on the stage. There was this drums band who was from Senegal or something and they sang three songs. In all the songs, they basically kept saying "Merci" but on a different rythm! We cold very cold so we decided to go inside the Java U... not even 15 seconds inside, we heard the crowd cheering so we ran outside and we got there in time: the torch had just arrived and the lady holding it ran in front of us: I was able to snap a picture of her =)

She must have felt very good tonight: having everyone cheering on you. I really must be a great honor to light the flame in Montreal and standing on that stage!

July and the flag in background / The stage, so pretty~

Later I joined J Oppa and his friend. J was quite tired so he wasn't as talkative but his friend was quite funny =) His friend wanted to go karaoke but I have an exam tomorow and J was quite tired too so he didn't even drinnk. I hope he gets some  rest =)

Oppa warned me that next tuesday, when we are going to celebrate, it is going to be crazy, that we were probably going to stay up all night and it kinda scares me. Last time I did something like that, I was found unconscious in the middle of the street... Of course I don't have too stay up all night but I can't afford a cab and staying at B Oppa's place might be troublesome. I don't want rumors to go around: I really had to clarify today that nothing happened and that nothing is going on!

I don't know what to do... I can't waste all my youth staying home waiting for it to go away... by the time I'm cured... I'll be thirty. I don't want to be like that. But I don't want anyone to see me when I get an attack... I already felt terrible for weeks after that incident... I can't imagine how I would have felt if someone I know would have seen me...

ARGGGGHH I'll just sleep on it. I can't seem to be able to make a decision right now.

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