Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A fool's food

So today I was working at Sushi Shop today and remembered to prepare some for J Oppa since he had been bugging me about it. We decided to meet later so I could give it to him.

I hadn't really planned to go downtown tonight but I asked Viet to meet me in a cafe and we talked for a while and exchanged book suggestions (I kid you know, I'm a bit of a book lover =3) It was fun; we hadn't met in a while so I was happy to see him.

Viet's new hairstyle shocked me when I saw it the frist time,
but now I really love it! I think he looks even more handsome now =)

A picture that really represents him! haha

Then we separated way and I called J Oppa but he didn't reply, even 15 minutes later. So I texted D Oppa and he told me he would get him to call me... not even 2 minutes later, J Oppa called me and we arranged to meet at the corner of Sherbrooke and Peel. However, I didn't hear him tell me to text him once I would be there so I waited 25 minutes in the cold... he called me wondering where I was and showed up a few minutes later.

I was a bit upset for waiting that long after walking all the way there but I didn't want to let it show: we chatted for a few minutes and I excused myself because I was too cold. I felt like I was used again... D Oppa said it's because I'm nice... I think sometimes I'm just too times. Now that I think of it, J Oppa is no one really special to me, I mean he's just a friend I met a few weeks ago so I feel like an idiot for going through a lot of troubles just for giving him a few pieces of sushi I made at work.

I'm idiot~

At least I had fun with Viet so my evening was not ruined =3

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  1. Aaaah we should exchange cellphones! Comme a on va HANG OUT moi si j'veux hang out avec toi!! Fun Fun!