Monday, December 14, 2009

Not even an offense

It is sad how simple Facebook fun can take a tragic turn... well at least for a few people.

Saturday night, out of boredom, July and I were talking about the expressions we hate the most and we concluded that "dope" was the most awful one. Honestly, I don't even understand why it could possibly be a positive adjective: come on, slang for dopamine? Please...

So we decided to make a Facebook group called: " I'm sick of hearing people say "dope" all the time " and added as a joke that we would charge people a dollar and give it to a non-profit organization... being a book nerd I chose the Fondation d'Alphabétisation because I personally believe that it’s a really sad thing that today in our modern society, some people still don’t have that chance to learn how to read nor to write. I then invited my friends, wrote a little joke in the invitation message and that’s it.

One of my friends took it very personally; she says the word dope… probably in every sentence that comes out of her mouth but I just joked about it and said: “Well you know, maybe it’s time you find new words”. As it was turning into a facebook wall and status war, I just deleted the comments and status so that people wouldn’t have a forum to fight anymore however; it wasn’t enough as my inbox was invaded by messages. I didn’t bother to reply: why would I have to justify myself about a Facebook group I made as a joke? Afterall, they’re my friends, they should already realize it’s a big fat joke.

Sadly I woke up this morning to this note…

Small or big offense?

Nothing personal against the person who started the group but I am offended by the bad taste of this "joke". Maybe I am overreacting, but in my humble opinion, I DON'T THINK SO. Why offended? Because it looks like a personnal attack to my friends who uses the word "dope". In this group's information page, they wrote : " From now on, I will tax every person who say "dope" on either msn, facebook, in text messages or any other devices of communication or in a conversation 1$ and will give all the founds to the Fondation d'Alphabétisation.(Aldult literacy -Alphabetization foundation)": more than the group's name, this very information kinda shocked me by its nastyness. The implicit meaning of it, as I interpret it, is that any person that uses the word dope will be grouped with illiterate people. Thus, that they are uneducated people. Which is not true. Dope is a slang word and if people want to use it they should be allowed to do so without having to suffer the "hate" of untolerants people. 

N.B. To a "special" person : La jalousie est un vilain défaut....DOPE!

I simply replied because I thought it would not be appropriate to start a debate on Facebook but since this is my own personal space and I rule in every way here, this is what my politically correct answer on Facebook following this note really meant:

There are TONS of racist, discriminating and mean groups on facebook. Facebook is a great tool to both unite people but also raise them one against each other. However, you have to be smart enough to distinguish when it’s just a joke and when it’s serious business. I’m not starting a KKK here… I’m just saying I’m tired of the word “dope” ! And it seems I’m not alone… so what? I didn’t say I was going nazi on anyone.

I didn’t personally attack anyone. You guys know my style, when I attack someone, I go all in (I’ve attacked a few people in the past in this blog, some of the posts were removed some are still hidden somewhere, have fun tyring to find them). I don’t care about censorship or anything like that: if I mean to hurt you, I won’t take any detours and will go straight to the point. Therefore, if my goal was to insult directly Nana Sam because, yes, she uses the word dope sometimes in the most awful situations, I would have put as a title: “I’m sick of hearing Nana Sam say “dope” all the time”… which I didn’t.

Claiming that people who are victims of illiteracy are uneducated is a lack of education itself. I insist here on the word victims, because sadly in our society today, even in Canada, there are still, kids and adults who didn’t or won’t have a chance to learn how to read and write. Can we blame them? No. I never claimed people who use the word the word dope are illiterate or uneducated. Maybe, they lack a bit vocabulary, but that is still my own personal opinion.

I have no idea where the jealousy argument comes from so it’s not even worth replying to that part.

Another part I would like to reply is some of the comments.

1)      About “discovering an aspect of my personality you didn’t know”
I’ve always been cynical and had a weird sense of humour, take it or leave it. If you haven’t noticed before, well it’s probably that you haven’t taken the time to go beyond the surface. I think Herve captured my sense of humor pretty well when I sent him these photoshopped pictures of him… He loved them XD

2)      About insinuating that I don’t respect my friends
I believe I respect my friends enough to tell them when something is annoying or make them look a bit like a fool, then again, that is your prerogative and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Reminder: that also includes me. Again, once I state my opinion, it’s up to you to take it or leave it. Let’s not forget; when I created the group, I wasn’t pointing my finger at anyone. I’m sorry that you felt I created because of you, but please, don’t think so highly of yourself.

3)      Freedom of speech (Human right)
I totally agree here. Everyone is free to speak the way they want whenever they want without being judged. Let’s just not forget that includes me.

4)      Ray’s comment
Please read 7 times

5)      Eru’s comment
Stated exactly my state of mind

Finally, I would like to say that I am fairly disappointed in my friends who didn’t hesitate into naming me as the bad witch that needed to be burned on the public place. You felt offended by my group, ok, but did I force you to join it? No, I may have suggested that your use of the word “dope” is a bit excessive but that is my opinion. Should I be the only one going down? People who joined my group on their own free will are just as guilty as me.4

I believe this could have been solved in a very polite and private manner instead of letting the whole world know how much of a bitch I am but since you chose to expose all this on a public forum, I believe my readers will also be very interested in what I have to say.

edit: and now after explaining myself, I'm offering peace, I'm not here to create problems, I have a better use of my free time. It's up to you people who were "offended" to get over it or not. I'm moving on.


  1. well said, i'll give u a cookie for your excellent work :D

  2. Lol that is pretty sad from them to get offended by such a little thing...

  3. "I didn’t say I was going nazi on anyone."

    nah... Just go commando on them !! muhaha!!

  4. Harro ra! ur entry is DOPE! lol jk
    You know, it's so funny how people overreact for facebook comments, groups and all that... and they might be the first ones to write bs on their own status and all... Meh, if they're close enough to you, then they should know your humour and not get worked up.. lol Maybe you'd be a good journalist too.. keep it up laaaa

  5. We talked hun, and you know exactly what's on my mind.

    I'm not here to criticize anyone, but you need to understand that not everyone is on the same level in distinguishing humour between insult.

    Personally, I always insult the person who left that comment what's her name?

    Yeah...keumerz...pff what the fuck kinda name is keumerz?

    Sounds like someone who's...ok I'll stop here. Haha! :P

    Anyway, usually friendships settle on diffrent levels and people are also diffrent, so you need to know how to be with diffrent people.

    Unfortunately you seemed to have rocked a self conscious person's boat a little too much.

    In order to pull a stunt you did, first you need to understand the person's mentality.

    So next time, just be careful and I hope everything settles for you.

    Take care hun~! <3


  6. Never underestimate people's ability to be offended by the most ridiculous crap. Keep up the good work Fred.

  7. My already high opinion of you just went up even more. I love the way you explained everything without provocation or frustration.
    A cat stays a cat, and a smart girl stays a smart girl. :) <3

  8. Ouin... le mot DOPE... j'aime pas trop ._.

    Your last paragraph kicked ass :D