Monday, December 7, 2009

Where have I been lately?

People keep asking me:

Fred? what's up with you? We haven't seen you in a while!

Well end of term oblige, I'm quite busy lately. But here I am, at 3:20am updating this blog =) Dedicated aren't we?

Recently, Aki and I broke up. I was just to make it official since we both knew it wasn't working for a while. So I don't hold any grudge or anything against him; I still believe he's a good person and I still want people to stop believe he's a bad person. Just because we've parted as a couple, it doesn't mean we can't eventually be friends again.

In the meantime, last week I went to see Eunyoung unni! She finally came back from South Korea and she brought her sister with her, Eunjoo unni! Now I can really tell where Eunyoung bubbly personnality comes from; her sister and her are exactly alike! I'm looking forward to hang out with both of them.

So on december 5th we met up at a korean restaurant and later moved to a korean bar where other people joined us. I'm really happy I went even though I had work because I met really nice people. I was very surprised to meet someone from Saguenay; even more, because she is a korean girl! I also met very funny oppas. Later that night, we went to karaoke and it was fun. We tried a new karaoke that just opened last week; K KARAOKE. I absolutely adore this place! They use the kumyoung system (same as Pang Pang) but the rooms are nicer and the service is sooooooo friendly!

Anyone who lives in Montreal and is a big karaoke fan should check it out!

We stayed there for a couple of hours and Justin Oppa decided to pay the Karaoke for everyone. That was very nice of him :) We walked a bit downtown and I chatted a bit more with B and catched a cab to go home.

A few pics:

Eunjoo and Eunyoung <3

C, B and J(I think?) at karaoke (very blurry picture, sorry !)

This friday, I was home and everyone was busy studying! I was so sick of being home... especially since I wasn't working that night! I logged on facebook and chatted with B Oppa and we decided to meet up at Tokebi Bar.

When I got there, he was with J Oppa and we started to drink with hot sake and continued with a few bottles of soju. We talked and laughed; it was a lot of fun! I'm not very proud of myself though... So far, I was very happy with me because I've never been sick of alcohol and when I joked about it the week before, B said he would break that record of mine... which he did >.<

We stayed at the bar for less then 2 hours and I started to be sick (but I'm still classy in my unclassiness... I didn't puke all over the place, toilet was enough for me.... I hate people who puke allover the place!!!!) We took a cab and went to Oppa's appartement where I slept. I called my work in the morning and told them I was sick and they told me to take the day off as well as sunday too. I went back to sleep and Oppa woke up later.

The funny thing is that he was the one with a hangover... I didn't have any! Because I kept drinking water... but he didn't! At least I won at something. We hung out at his appartement, playing games on our iTouch/iPhone and talking about random stuff: it was fun.

I'm a very simple person so being able to have an honest discussion with someone is really fun. I don't care if we're just hanging out in PJs for 6 hours, checking funny things on the computer, listening to music and all. It was fun, I really enjoyed this time. I was able to get to know Oppa better, since we just recently met. I felt a bit unconfortable about stayed at his place but he is a true gentleman...and no nothing happened, get those weird ideas out of your mind already! >.>

He invited me later to a very good korean restaurant! I didn't have much appetite (in case you forgot, I was sick the night before...) but it was REALLY good *.* !! Since I didn't really know what to order (I'm still new to korean cuisine) I asked him to order what he liked the best =3 I don't remember what was the name of what he ordered for me, but it was absolutely delicious and I felt so bad that I couldn't finish it! Oppa insisted that I bring the rest home so the waiter kindly wrapped it for me =)

Anyway it was very nice and I look forward for next week: this time, I promise, I won't be sick!

now I will go back to studying...

Actually I lied.

I'm going to sleep! ha ha ha !

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  1. haha im totally honoured to be mentioned onto this blog. We should hang out when all exams are done. Up for some drinking with everyone?