Sunday, January 31, 2010

JFEST 2010

With the lovely Emeraude~

JFEST was absolutely awesome! It was my first JFEST so I didn't really know what I should expect but I had a lot of fun~

When Rania, Viet and I first got there, music was blasting but no one was dancing ! Rania and I stepped on the dancefloor and we started to dance. Soon enough, people joined us and the party started! The DJ was absolutely great, playing remix of Perfume, Koda Kumi and other japanese classics like Natsu Matsuri and Night of Fire. It was definitely awesome to dance to music I listen to all the time ! =D

It was fun to see all the excentric styles that night!

I feel like clubbing now !

Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter fairytale

Today I didn't have school.

As a matter of fact, I don't have classes on Mondays and Thursdays so I'll be working at Sushi Shop. I also quit my job at the department store that starts with a Z and ends with Ellers since it was so sucky and they always gave me a pretty crappy schedule. Plus Sushi Shop has a much friendlier team...which wins.

Last night I had an amazing dream. Everything made perfect sense, and it was one of those dreams that I wished I never had to wake up from.

Sometimes, I wished I could live in the reality of those dreams, those that are perfect and calm.

But this one was quite different.

In my dream, I was boarding a plane to fly to Vancouver for the Olympics. When I got in the plane, it looked more like a dance club (like in that beer commercial XD) and only friends were there! We then danced the whole time until we got to Vancouver. There, more people joined us... friend who've left a while ago to go back to Japan or Korea. I remember being super emotive seeing them... I was really happy =3

A little bit later we were in some sort of party that was being held in a hotel: the theme was winter fairytale. The reception hall was covered in snow but it wasn't cold at all. For some unknown reason, someone pulled me in a changing room and made me wear a hanbok (Google it, n00bs) and it was pink. I was walking around in the snowy decor, talking to my friends and I was just feeling so happy, peaceful.

My alarm rang 3 times... I pressed snooze the 3 times, wishing I could just enjoy the pure happiness I was feeling in that dream.

Somehow, this dream made my day. It was so simple but so perfect: the snow, the party, the people... I have no idea that the hanbok is for though...

I wish I could go back to that dream, everything about it felt so pure, so nice, so comfortable. Everyone was peaceful and loving…

Did I dream about paradise?

Image from Winter-Fairy-Tale from DA

And just to make me feel more happy, today's snowstorm made everything look so fairytalish~  I can't stop daydreaming while looking outside, it's so pretty ^.

Friday, January 22, 2010



it's killing me.

The last week of vacation is always the worst... my school is kind enough to grants us with an extra vacation week... as much as it sounds awesome... I'm sick of vacation.

No, I haven't lost it (yet) but seriously, it's winter, it's cold, everyone started school a while ago (one of the reason you shouldn't hang with Uni students...)

My brain is sore because of the boredom.


Anyway, here are a few pics that I took on the 8th. That day I went to eat lunch with my oppas... I never saw so many pieces of sashimi in my life. Normal people order my small batches... they just came in and ordered like 50 pieces of salmon, 20 pieces of unagi and on and on!!! The whole time, I was starring at them... wow... good thing we were at an all you can eat!!


( Bought this tunic the other day... cost me only 10$! The shop owner was watching me and she told me: " Ohhh it fits you nicely... you like original stuff don't you?" I really didn't know what to reply... is liking asian fashion being that original? o.O )

After that, I ran around town to finish the papers and get my picture taken for my medicare card and I decided to hang around the Complexe Desjardins. Found awesome panties at La Vie en Rose (which I will not share pics of lol) and ate a niiiiiiiiiiiice raspberry frozen yogourt. I don't care if frozen yogourt is not in anymore, I freaking love it!!



Now I want frozen yogourt.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

A puffer fish story

Yesterday I got my wisdom teeth pulled... damn I'm glad I chose to get them all removed at once!!

I arrived at the clinic at 9am and we started with the sedation... I'm so happy I chose to get sedation; it made me feel funny and relaxed. I'm always very nervous and stressed whenever I go to the dentist... I've had treatment and braces for six years but it still hasn't changed... I just hate it! So the sedation made me somewhat more relaxed and my surgeon was kind enough to let me listen to music during the operation which made me really happy.

I also kept my eyes closed during the whole procedure... I really didn't want to see the tools the were using! When I heard the sound of the drill... I was SO glad I was keeping my eyes closed!!

They prescribed me some intenses painkillers and some penicilline to prevent infections: must hide those because my younger brother, who is getting is wisdom teeth removed tomorow, is deadly allergic to that! So we must be super careful about not mixing our meds!

After the operation, I went home and rested. When I woke up in the afternoon, I literally went crazy. The thing is... I'm damn scared of blood... especially mine and when it's in large quantity and I was freaking out because I was changing my gauzes like every 20 minutes because they were soaked in blood!! And I couldn't swallow my saliva because the blood was thickening it! My mom had to call the surgeon and she calmed me down. Not too long after my little breakdown, I fell asleep again.

I had a hardtime sleeping at night tho... I slept too much during the day and I couldn't fall asleep sitting. I didn't want to lie down because I was scared that it would bleed again, that the blood would go in my stomach and I would end up vomiting it later... yeah I know... I have issues >.> So I spent most of my time watching Degrassi from the 80s.... again

Today I feel a LOT better. I was able to eat a bit of pudding and LOTS of ice cream! =D My face is still swollen but it's not as bas as I thought it would be:


Alright... I'm out to watch more of Degrassi!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Decoden + new layout?

Hi everyone~

Today I received my stuff from Strapya-World!!! I'm sooooo excited because I've been drooling for months looking at their website and I finally placed an order last week. I must say, they are quite fast with shipping: I ordered last week, January 5th, and it arrived today. That's seven days, including the week-end.

Japanese postage is always quite impressive... I'm a bit ashamed of Canada's... lol

As soon as I saw the packaged in my mailbox (enveloppe actually; I'm glad I didn't have to go to the post office to pick it up) I started to decorate my phone right way and here are the results!


I might had add a small silk bow at the bottom but I'm not sure yet... plus I have to find the bow. I have a lot of bows here but the fabric is quite cheap and it looks odd with the rest of the decoration. But I'm very happy the way it looks now!



I also got a Fuzzy Fur Ball Cell Phone Strap and a Sparkling Jewelry Sequined Ribbon Cell Phone Strap. The fuzzy fur ball is soooooo soft: it's actually made out of real fur. I kinda feel guilty but it so cute... I thought: " It's not like I'm addicted to fut and own thousands of real fur items" so I got it. You know my love for bows and glitter so... the bow is just perfect~

I might not update for a while: I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorow so my life will be pretty boring for the next 2 weeks... it sucks because it's Rosemary's birthday friday and I REALLY hope I'll be somewhat ok to pass by... *sigh*

Good side is that I'll spend that time working on my new layout! So far, it's going well, I've got the HTML pretty much down and almost matches the design perfectly. I'll also be collaborating with model and photographer Emeraude: she will take my picture for the banner =D

I'm so excited about this!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Revenge plans?

Last week, I found out with the help of a good friend that my ex-boyfriend Aki was actually cheating on me when we were dating. Even though our relationship has been over for a month now, it still hurts to know that he was seriously dating another girl… while he could just say “I love you” with all his seriousness. Honestly, I still feel disgusted and disappointed… especially in myself because I felt for it.

The worst part is when I think back, I find a lot of signs that should have rang a bell inside of my head. Why does he need 2-3 cellphones? How come his cond*ms reserve seem to always be different every time I come over? Why are there so many girly stuff around that don’t belong to me? How come he is 4 hours late from work? Etc

So, since Tuesday (yep, the same day Charlie fractured his arm, great day, right?) I have been savouring the idea of a spicy revenge. And I’m not running out of ideas … I can share a few:

  1. Sending packages addressed to him but at his neighbours’ address. Of course, these packages would be from “VIAGRA” or “”… you get the idea right?
  2. Hacking his facebook and make sure his status becomes “Hi, I’m Akihisa and I’m a cheating bastard” or any other variant
  3. Egg-and-toilet-paper his place
  4. Distributing flyers describing his infidelity at parties he plans to attend
    And many more that I rather not list since some were a bit too extreme and border line illegal… hahaha~

    But I have had to think: everybody is back in school so I spent the last two days watching Korean dramas and thinking about all that drama in my life and I asked myself: What would getting revenge bring me? Instant satisfaction: yes. But knowing myself, it wouldn’t be long before it would get replaced with remorse and a guild trip. Is being an emotional wreck over that worth it? I don’t think so.

    I KNOW, it’s not me who should be feeling guilty; I didn’t cheat on him (and I could have… I was living in France by myself for a while and had many occasions to do so but never did!). In this whole story, I am the victim. Even if our relationship is over, I still thought of him as a friend because our break up was, to my surprise, rather quick and easy. No drama, no crying and all that stuff. Since I was the one who initiated it, I was expecting some kind of disagreement… oh well… that should also have rang a bell.

    But someone has to be adult in the scenario. Here are the roles:
    1. Ms. F: the ex girlfriend who learns her ex boyfriend was cheating on her with…
    2. Ms. J: the whore, and I insist on the word whore because but for the fact she knew the man was already in a serious relationship, she still slept with him and has been dating him ever since even though she claims she is just “using” him
    3. Mr A: the cheating ex-boyfriend
      Mr. A didn’t make a mature decision by going to another woman’s arms.

      Ms. J didn’t make a mature decision either by accepting the man in her arms *cough*p-ssy*cough*.

      So I guess the only one left in the story who can still take a mature decision and not make a complete fool of herself would be Ms. F.

      Don't tell me I'm not nice for showing her picture: I censored it with
      pixels and a cute well deserved guilty stamp~

      So this is my revenge: I am moving on.

      As soon as I get my bracelet back from his new whore (because he can’t face me to give it back to me), I will stop all contact with both of them and go on with my life. What has been done has been done and there really is nothing I can do to make it better. Doing one of these listed above would just be a waste of time and energy. From now on, I rather focus on positive things going on in my life and wait until the right one comes for me =) Because I know, not all men are jerks~

      So yeap, I take back my new year’s resolution #5 and replace it with: I’ll be positive in all kind of situations!

      And I really want to thank July, Lala, Ariane, B Oppa and J Oppa for cheering me up when needed =)


      NB: I will not blog about this anymore
      NB 2: Ok ok I was a bit mean for posting their pics but you can't expect me to be that nice... I still didn't mention her name~
      NB 3: If you are going to criticize, then you are probably a cheating bastard too~

      Sunday, January 3, 2010

      Eggs + Skating <3

      Today I woke really early... but it was worth it! I met with Rania at 12:30 because had planned to get brunch at Eggspetations ! I really love fancy breakfest so I was sooooooo looking forward to it; I couldn't sleep until 4AM! hahaha

      Rania is all excited about breakfest!

      Unfortunately... I didn't take a picture of my meal... I only remembered to when I was done eating like a pig...

      yum~ yum~ yum~

      Actually I just don't take pictures of what I eat. Honestly, it's a bit annoying to read a blog and get more pictures of food then text... it makes me hungry LOL Do blog readers really care about what my food looked like? Sure when the plate is nice and stuff, it's cool to see it! But you really don't care about what I ate during your whole day... right?

      When we were done eating, we headed to the Atrium to skate! I haven't skate in year! We went to the Atrium and it was fun =) We met Viet there who was talking to his friends, but he was standing outside of the line. So we grabbed him and he skated with us!

      100103_153451 Why must Viet always look bad ass in all his pics? I would love to see
      him looking all cute and stuff~
      There is one thing that annoys me about skating... PEOPLE!

      No really, especially kids. It's cool with me that your kid is learning how to skate (and it's also really cute to watch) but aren't there less crowded skating rings in town that would safer for that? The Atrium is tiny and loaded with teenagers who are skating as fast as a speed skating champion! And then you have the cute couples who are holding hands, it's really cute and romantic, but so dangerous! If one of them falls, automatically, the other will! Dangerous much! And then, here I am, trying to make my way between these people and getting cut by a stupid hocey player every two minute.

      No wonder I was dead tired after that! I fell asleep in the bus on my way home!


      Friday, January 1, 2010



      I hope everyone celebrated safely and had fun!

      July stayed over on the 30th and we went shopping on the 31st for some make up items that I needed because we decided to give Michelle Phan's New Year's Glam look a try! The results were very good =D

      17557_423704545376_526390376_10580678_4882897_n 17557_423704540376_526390376_10580677_7243019_n
      July and I just before we left!
      We  later met B Oppa at his place and we decided to go eat at Atti <3 and pre drink there! We stayed longer then expected but it was fun! We then moved to Lasalle and arrived in time at a house party hosted by B's friend, Mani.

       091231_235454 100101_004319
      July kissing the cute dog with Hiromi is holding it and Angela being cute as ever!

      When we got there, the girls were about to start a drinking game and they included us right away! It was really nice of them =3 Then it was the countdown and everybody cheered and hugged (it was funny to wish a happy new year to people I didn't really know but oh well~ holiday spirit!) and Mani offered Jello shots to everyones. These are so yummy..... yet it's soooo embarassing trying to drink those TT___TT

      B and I left around 3AM since my stupid self forgot her medicine at home and I was starting to not feel so good. His friend gave us a ride to my place and oppa stayed over (stop it right there, nothing happened).

      B has the tendency to take pictures of me at the worst timing so here is my little revenge...


      Aaaww you really look bad ass with these plushies! The funniest part is that he slept like that! It wasn't just a pose! hahahahaha~

      Anyway, the party was fun, eating at Atti was fun and hanging out with B was fun too! My year started with a blast and I hope 2010 will be better then 2009!

      Because this year, I will...
      1. Tone my legs for the summer time
      2. Get a good job and stop working at that crappy departement  store that starts with a Z and ends with Ellers.
      3. I will try to make my own blog design
      4. Stop being nice and politically correct to people who don't deserve it
      5. Get revenge for my ex cheating on me (6)
      6. Learn more make up techniques =)
      7. Keep my resolutions

      What are your resolutions?