Friday, January 22, 2010



it's killing me.

The last week of vacation is always the worst... my school is kind enough to grants us with an extra vacation week... as much as it sounds awesome... I'm sick of vacation.

No, I haven't lost it (yet) but seriously, it's winter, it's cold, everyone started school a while ago (one of the reason you shouldn't hang with Uni students...)

My brain is sore because of the boredom.


Anyway, here are a few pics that I took on the 8th. That day I went to eat lunch with my oppas... I never saw so many pieces of sashimi in my life. Normal people order my small batches... they just came in and ordered like 50 pieces of salmon, 20 pieces of unagi and on and on!!! The whole time, I was starring at them... wow... good thing we were at an all you can eat!!


( Bought this tunic the other day... cost me only 10$! The shop owner was watching me and she told me: " Ohhh it fits you nicely... you like original stuff don't you?" I really didn't know what to reply... is liking asian fashion being that original? o.O )

After that, I ran around town to finish the papers and get my picture taken for my medicare card and I decided to hang around the Complexe Desjardins. Found awesome panties at La Vie en Rose (which I will not share pics of lol) and ate a niiiiiiiiiiiice raspberry frozen yogourt. I don't care if frozen yogourt is not in anymore, I freaking love it!!



Now I want frozen yogourt.


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