Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Decoden + new layout?

Hi everyone~

Today I received my stuff from Strapya-World!!! I'm sooooo excited because I've been drooling for months looking at their website and I finally placed an order last week. I must say, they are quite fast with shipping: I ordered last week, January 5th, and it arrived today. That's seven days, including the week-end.

Japanese postage is always quite impressive... I'm a bit ashamed of Canada's... lol

As soon as I saw the packaged in my mailbox (enveloppe actually; I'm glad I didn't have to go to the post office to pick it up) I started to decorate my phone right way and here are the results!


I might had add a small silk bow at the bottom but I'm not sure yet... plus I have to find the bow. I have a lot of bows here but the fabric is quite cheap and it looks odd with the rest of the decoration. But I'm very happy the way it looks now!



I also got a Fuzzy Fur Ball Cell Phone Strap and a Sparkling Jewelry Sequined Ribbon Cell Phone Strap. The fuzzy fur ball is soooooo soft: it's actually made out of real fur. I kinda feel guilty but it so cute... I thought: " It's not like I'm addicted to fut and own thousands of real fur items" so I got it. You know my love for bows and glitter so... the bow is just perfect~

I might not update for a while: I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorow so my life will be pretty boring for the next 2 weeks... it sucks because it's Rosemary's birthday friday and I REALLY hope I'll be somewhat ok to pass by... *sigh*

Good side is that I'll spend that time working on my new layout! So far, it's going well, I've got the HTML pretty much down and almost matches the design perfectly. I'll also be collaborating with model and photographer Emeraude: she will take my picture for the banner =D

I'm so excited about this!!


  1. I am SOOO jealouse *_* I want to decorate my phone too T_T but I cant afford that glitter.. well not till my b0day at least XD