Sunday, January 3, 2010

Eggs + Skating <3

Today I woke really early... but it was worth it! I met with Rania at 12:30 because had planned to get brunch at Eggspetations ! I really love fancy breakfest so I was sooooooo looking forward to it; I couldn't sleep until 4AM! hahaha

Rania is all excited about breakfest!

Unfortunately... I didn't take a picture of my meal... I only remembered to when I was done eating like a pig...

yum~ yum~ yum~

Actually I just don't take pictures of what I eat. Honestly, it's a bit annoying to read a blog and get more pictures of food then text... it makes me hungry LOL Do blog readers really care about what my food looked like? Sure when the plate is nice and stuff, it's cool to see it! But you really don't care about what I ate during your whole day... right?

When we were done eating, we headed to the Atrium to skate! I haven't skate in year! We went to the Atrium and it was fun =) We met Viet there who was talking to his friends, but he was standing outside of the line. So we grabbed him and he skated with us!

100103_153451 Why must Viet always look bad ass in all his pics? I would love to see
him looking all cute and stuff~
There is one thing that annoys me about skating... PEOPLE!

No really, especially kids. It's cool with me that your kid is learning how to skate (and it's also really cute to watch) but aren't there less crowded skating rings in town that would safer for that? The Atrium is tiny and loaded with teenagers who are skating as fast as a speed skating champion! And then you have the cute couples who are holding hands, it's really cute and romantic, but so dangerous! If one of them falls, automatically, the other will! Dangerous much! And then, here I am, trying to make my way between these people and getting cut by a stupid hocey player every two minute.

No wonder I was dead tired after that! I fell asleep in the bus on my way home!



  1. Ahahah moi cute? naaa pas devant la caméra =) c'est trop cute, la lentille ne supportera pas~

    Mais c'est vrai que les petits étaient énervant... et ceux qui passe devant toi sans prévenir à une vitesse folle

  2. i went there with my mom, sis and niece last Friday. my niece was so happy when she was on the ice! we were all taking turns holding her hand going around the ring and she kept saying "encore! encore!" lol. i hope you guys had fun there. we should all go together and invite a bunch of people. like a mob hogging the whole ring for ourselves lol.

    PS: i don't actually care about what people eat but i still do want to know cause if it's new to me then i might try it out some time.