Friday, January 1, 2010



I hope everyone celebrated safely and had fun!

July stayed over on the 30th and we went shopping on the 31st for some make up items that I needed because we decided to give Michelle Phan's New Year's Glam look a try! The results were very good =D

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July and I just before we left!
We  later met B Oppa at his place and we decided to go eat at Atti <3 and pre drink there! We stayed longer then expected but it was fun! We then moved to Lasalle and arrived in time at a house party hosted by B's friend, Mani.

 091231_235454 100101_004319
July kissing the cute dog with Hiromi is holding it and Angela being cute as ever!

When we got there, the girls were about to start a drinking game and they included us right away! It was really nice of them =3 Then it was the countdown and everybody cheered and hugged (it was funny to wish a happy new year to people I didn't really know but oh well~ holiday spirit!) and Mani offered Jello shots to everyones. These are so yummy..... yet it's soooo embarassing trying to drink those TT___TT

B and I left around 3AM since my stupid self forgot her medicine at home and I was starting to not feel so good. His friend gave us a ride to my place and oppa stayed over (stop it right there, nothing happened).

B has the tendency to take pictures of me at the worst timing so here is my little revenge...


Aaaww you really look bad ass with these plushies! The funniest part is that he slept like that! It wasn't just a pose! hahahahaha~

Anyway, the party was fun, eating at Atti was fun and hanging out with B was fun too! My year started with a blast and I hope 2010 will be better then 2009!

Because this year, I will...
  1. Tone my legs for the summer time
  2. Get a good job and stop working at that crappy departement  store that starts with a Z and ends with Ellers.
  3. I will try to make my own blog design
  4. Stop being nice and politically correct to people who don't deserve it
  5. Get revenge for my ex cheating on me (6)
  6. Learn more make up techniques =)
  7. Keep my resolutions

What are your resolutions?


  1. I am glad you had fun! haha you saw the new years glam too? It looks great btw! CUUTE GIRLS :D


  2. Hien~~ cheating??? WTF~!
    get your revenche!!!!!!!

  3. Man c est qui la fille! on ira battre aki et elle! XD
    Man, je pencais jamais que aki etait comme ca~!

    Oh~! j ai oublier de dire! vous etes trop cute sure la photo!!!!!1!!111!!!
    Mais, j'aime mieux Queenie de BeautyQQ ( que Michelle Phan! HEHE!