Thursday, January 14, 2010

A puffer fish story

Yesterday I got my wisdom teeth pulled... damn I'm glad I chose to get them all removed at once!!

I arrived at the clinic at 9am and we started with the sedation... I'm so happy I chose to get sedation; it made me feel funny and relaxed. I'm always very nervous and stressed whenever I go to the dentist... I've had treatment and braces for six years but it still hasn't changed... I just hate it! So the sedation made me somewhat more relaxed and my surgeon was kind enough to let me listen to music during the operation which made me really happy.

I also kept my eyes closed during the whole procedure... I really didn't want to see the tools the were using! When I heard the sound of the drill... I was SO glad I was keeping my eyes closed!!

They prescribed me some intenses painkillers and some penicilline to prevent infections: must hide those because my younger brother, who is getting is wisdom teeth removed tomorow, is deadly allergic to that! So we must be super careful about not mixing our meds!

After the operation, I went home and rested. When I woke up in the afternoon, I literally went crazy. The thing is... I'm damn scared of blood... especially mine and when it's in large quantity and I was freaking out because I was changing my gauzes like every 20 minutes because they were soaked in blood!! And I couldn't swallow my saliva because the blood was thickening it! My mom had to call the surgeon and she calmed me down. Not too long after my little breakdown, I fell asleep again.

I had a hardtime sleeping at night tho... I slept too much during the day and I couldn't fall asleep sitting. I didn't want to lie down because I was scared that it would bleed again, that the blood would go in my stomach and I would end up vomiting it later... yeah I know... I have issues >.> So I spent most of my time watching Degrassi from the 80s.... again

Today I feel a LOT better. I was able to eat a bit of pudding and LOTS of ice cream! =D My face is still swollen but it's not as bas as I thought it would be:


Alright... I'm out to watch more of Degrassi!

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