Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Revenge plans?

Last week, I found out with the help of a good friend that my ex-boyfriend Aki was actually cheating on me when we were dating. Even though our relationship has been over for a month now, it still hurts to know that he was seriously dating another girl… while he could just say “I love you” with all his seriousness. Honestly, I still feel disgusted and disappointed… especially in myself because I felt for it.

The worst part is when I think back, I find a lot of signs that should have rang a bell inside of my head. Why does he need 2-3 cellphones? How come his cond*ms reserve seem to always be different every time I come over? Why are there so many girly stuff around that don’t belong to me? How come he is 4 hours late from work? Etc

So, since Tuesday (yep, the same day Charlie fractured his arm, great day, right?) I have been savouring the idea of a spicy revenge. And I’m not running out of ideas … I can share a few:

  1. Sending packages addressed to him but at his neighbours’ address. Of course, these packages would be from “VIAGRA” or “”… you get the idea right?
  2. Hacking his facebook and make sure his status becomes “Hi, I’m Akihisa and I’m a cheating bastard” or any other variant
  3. Egg-and-toilet-paper his place
  4. Distributing flyers describing his infidelity at parties he plans to attend
    And many more that I rather not list since some were a bit too extreme and border line illegal… hahaha~

    But I have had to think: everybody is back in school so I spent the last two days watching Korean dramas and thinking about all that drama in my life and I asked myself: What would getting revenge bring me? Instant satisfaction: yes. But knowing myself, it wouldn’t be long before it would get replaced with remorse and a guild trip. Is being an emotional wreck over that worth it? I don’t think so.

    I KNOW, it’s not me who should be feeling guilty; I didn’t cheat on him (and I could have… I was living in France by myself for a while and had many occasions to do so but never did!). In this whole story, I am the victim. Even if our relationship is over, I still thought of him as a friend because our break up was, to my surprise, rather quick and easy. No drama, no crying and all that stuff. Since I was the one who initiated it, I was expecting some kind of disagreement… oh well… that should also have rang a bell.

    But someone has to be adult in the scenario. Here are the roles:
    1. Ms. F: the ex girlfriend who learns her ex boyfriend was cheating on her with…
    2. Ms. J: the whore, and I insist on the word whore because but for the fact she knew the man was already in a serious relationship, she still slept with him and has been dating him ever since even though she claims she is just “using” him
    3. Mr A: the cheating ex-boyfriend
      Mr. A didn’t make a mature decision by going to another woman’s arms.

      Ms. J didn’t make a mature decision either by accepting the man in her arms *cough*p-ssy*cough*.

      So I guess the only one left in the story who can still take a mature decision and not make a complete fool of herself would be Ms. F.

      Don't tell me I'm not nice for showing her picture: I censored it with
      pixels and a cute well deserved guilty stamp~

      So this is my revenge: I am moving on.

      As soon as I get my bracelet back from his new whore (because he can’t face me to give it back to me), I will stop all contact with both of them and go on with my life. What has been done has been done and there really is nothing I can do to make it better. Doing one of these listed above would just be a waste of time and energy. From now on, I rather focus on positive things going on in my life and wait until the right one comes for me =) Because I know, not all men are jerks~

      So yeap, I take back my new year’s resolution #5 and replace it with: I’ll be positive in all kind of situations!

      And I really want to thank July, Lala, Ariane, B Oppa and J Oppa for cheering me up when needed =)


      NB: I will not blog about this anymore
      NB 2: Ok ok I was a bit mean for posting their pics but you can't expect me to be that nice... I still didn't mention her name~
      NB 3: If you are going to criticize, then you are probably a cheating bastard too~


      1. You asked to comment.

        Well uh, dude, she's ugly.

        Anyway, I would say the best thing is to become someone much more worth than he could ever have because well, at one point, he did have you. So you have to be better than that. That is how I have gotten over such things.

      2. I have just one criticism to add...

        bah.. just joking :p

      3. Damnnnn she is one fugly b*tch, you deserve better~

      4. All I have to say is...


        We have to go sushi soon!


        I feel for you hun!

        I got my revenge and it was subtle. >=D

        Remember, the truth will eventually catch up to people. The honest one has nothing to feel guilty about!

        I love you! <3


      5. The Lord God Almighty shall shine his light upon the worthy and guide them to the Heaven's doorway!

        JOKES! BWAHAHAHA! regardless... good for you! i always like to see people move on and not linger in the past. it's called being mature. and don't even think about revenge, he's not even worth it.

      6. It's the second time I hear about someone with mutiple cellphones and the second time that he turns out to be a pro player. I guess that's a thing to look out for.

        It's good that you're acting mature about it, don't feel bad for exposing him or her, she's not a victim, she knew about you two.

        Ganbare Fred~

      7. Non mais au début, je lisais ça pi je me disais. OK, t'es pas sérieuse de tout faire ça maintenant que c'est fini... Mais non, tout ça presque sans rancune (Quoi que poster leur photo, c'est assez de rancune...)
        Tu as tout à fait été honnête dans tout ça...

      8. fred... don't misunderstand. it's totaly not true. thats after we finished!

      9. To Anonymous

        of course it's not, I'm all making this up~


      10. Hello ~
        Merci d'être passée sur mon blog :3
        Mmh.. je ne connais pas toute l'histoire mais j'espère que tu n'auras plus de problèmes avec ton ex :x
        Courage <3

      11. no need to call the girl ugly, that's just dishonourable.

        And you only go out with guys because they're asian, you can't expect true love to come out of that

      12. well i cant say i totally agree with the way you dealed this out...but i cant say i wouldn't have done the same thing.. hahaha. It's the French spirit. We are impulsive.
        The one thing I can honestly tell you is that I know it must have been a shock and no matter what happens, we, as in your friends, will be there for you.... But he doesnt deserve you, nor the time you invest on hating him.
        You're better than this and him, Fred, don't let him win.