Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This one is for you Charlie!

On tuesday, I decided to go watch my friends trick since it's been a while since I went. Charlie picked me up at LG station and we drove there. Like before, I bothered him with my music (teeheehee) and we met up with Jeremy to eat Subway <3

Charlie always says that he looks bad in pictures, but I think
this one is pretty cute !!

After eating, we went to the gym and I watched the guys training. I love to watch them train, even if I don't trick anymore, it's still cool very cool to watch. I  gave Charlie a hand when his friend was having a hard time learning how to do a 360.

Charlie was working on his grandmaster swipe and he was doing quite good until his third shot... he had a really bad landing and he didn't move, saying his arm was messed up. We called 911 and the ambulance men supposed his arm was dislocated so we went to the hospital. I went with Charlie; I couldn't leave my friend alone!

I tried my best to stay positive and happy-go-lucky and he told me later he was happy I wasn't freaking out... that vocally since I was freaking out in my head!


Once we got to the hospital, his parents were there, they were so worried! His mother thanked me at least 12 times for accompanying him and all. It was the first time I met his parents so it was a little bit funny! I left after that and joined B and J oppa =)

The next day, Charlie called me and told me that his arm was actually fractured and that he would be discharged later that day. Hopefully he will heal soon!

With J and B, that night, we drank and every cheers we did was for Charlie!

B and I finally managed to take a good picture of us together!

B singing his heart out for Charlie (and J laughing! lol)

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