Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter fairytale

Today I didn't have school.

As a matter of fact, I don't have classes on Mondays and Thursdays so I'll be working at Sushi Shop. I also quit my job at the department store that starts with a Z and ends with Ellers since it was so sucky and they always gave me a pretty crappy schedule. Plus Sushi Shop has a much friendlier team...which wins.

Last night I had an amazing dream. Everything made perfect sense, and it was one of those dreams that I wished I never had to wake up from.

Sometimes, I wished I could live in the reality of those dreams, those that are perfect and calm.

But this one was quite different.

In my dream, I was boarding a plane to fly to Vancouver for the Olympics. When I got in the plane, it looked more like a dance club (like in that beer commercial XD) and only friends were there! We then danced the whole time until we got to Vancouver. There, more people joined us... friend who've left a while ago to go back to Japan or Korea. I remember being super emotive seeing them... I was really happy =3

A little bit later we were in some sort of party that was being held in a hotel: the theme was winter fairytale. The reception hall was covered in snow but it wasn't cold at all. For some unknown reason, someone pulled me in a changing room and made me wear a hanbok (Google it, n00bs) and it was pink. I was walking around in the snowy decor, talking to my friends and I was just feeling so happy, peaceful.

My alarm rang 3 times... I pressed snooze the 3 times, wishing I could just enjoy the pure happiness I was feeling in that dream.

Somehow, this dream made my day. It was so simple but so perfect: the snow, the party, the people... I have no idea that the hanbok is for though...

I wish I could go back to that dream, everything about it felt so pure, so nice, so comfortable. Everyone was peaceful and loving…

Did I dream about paradise?

Image from Winter-Fairy-Tale from DA

And just to make me feel more happy, today's snowstorm made everything look so fairytalish~  I can't stop daydreaming while looking outside, it's so pretty ^.

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