Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week-end: Nuit Blanche + hanging out

This friday I went to my friend’s place for the time and when I arrived everyone had started to dirnk. His place is quite nice, he has a lot of guitars and we improvised a karaoke booth by plugging this mic in an amp and finding karaoke songs in youtube. It was a lot of fun!

Then we moved to a classic when you drink with Koreans: drinking games!

P1010154 P1010161
No Korean drinking games is complete without love shots!

Sathurday February the 27th was the Nuit Blanche! It my first time going and it was pretty cool! I really need to get a new camera because my flash sucks big time and I can never get good pictures at night! So frustrating !!

Ray and the “save humans too” polar bear. wow!


Mylène and Ricky. We met them randomly and they ended up spending the whole night with us. We were waiting for the labyrinth when we spotted them! Lucky them, we let them cut in the line so that they could do it with us =) The Old Port was really energetic! It’s really cool to see so many people in that area a whole night!


After hanging out in Old Port for a while, we headed to Place des Arts and looked around the Musée d’Art Contemporain. Sadly, I’m one of those who don’t get whacky contemporary art so it was something quite different for me. I snapped a pic (illegaly) or Jacky with… actually just make your own description because even after watching the movie… I didn’ really understand that piece…

BUT the best part of the night was the Fantasia festival! They showed short films and they were hilarious! Simple humor but it made me laugh, I couldn’t believe that the thought that I would fall asleep if I sat down in a cinema went through my mind!

I can’t wait for next year’s Festival~ !!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A place that shall not be named?

Friday was B, J and JB'S birthday and it was pretty epic! We went to restaurant l'Academie. I wasn't too hungry... I ate a whole pizza by myself at home around 4PM because I didn't eat breakfast nor lunch so I only got an appetizer. We then moved to Jan Bius to drink and we stayed there until 1AM.

We picked up some alcohol at B's place and we snuck into a place that shall not be named and we stayed there until 6AM. It was pretty epic because I never expected I would one day be able to drink in that kind of place.

I'm sorry for not naming it, but it could get everyone in trouble if I did so I'll leave that to everyone's wild imagination! 8D

Angela and I posing with an ice sculpture that was in the middle of street.
You have no idea how fascinating this thing is... at 2am !
Sadly, I caught a cold and I've been feeling bad since Saturday... I even skipped work on Sunday and Monday... I don't lie being sick! It's so boring! So I started watching the Korean drama You're beautiful and I totally got addicted. Koreans really make the best romance drama... sigh

I'm currently addicted to the OST... I really recommend this drama to anyone who's a 16 years-old teenage girl when it comes to love stories!

I'm so tired right now... my cold keeps me from sleeping. Whenever I'm tired, I'm quite emo-ish and sad easily. I was having a pretty mediocre day because of that but a friend cheered me up and he totally deserves a shout out for that! Thanks Alex for being that awesome!!

On a different topic, concerning my blog layout, the new one should be released soon: the only thing left is to take the pictures with Emeraude~ So please look forward to it!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grand menage: the desk

Today was a VERY stressful day.
Last night, my computer started to act weirdly, shutting down for no reasons... in the end, it wouldn't run unless it was in safe mode. So I called Dell's support and they made me run tests to make sure it wasn't a hard drive failure which after, the technician I spoke with, said that a reformat would probably fix everything. So I backuped everything on my external hard drives and reformated everything by myself ( I don't like being on the phone with a technician... it's full of awkward silences…
Luckily, I successfully reformated my computer and now it’s running as fast… just like when it was new! In a certain way, I’m happy that I had to do it: it’s an easy way to clean your data… although I wish I didn’t have to re-install all those programs now… sigh.
Once thing I wish I could simply format and it would become clean and nice… my room.
I gave myself a goal: clean it up for when my parents come back from the states. Tonight, I focused on my desk…

So here we got a super messy desk… CDs, make-up, paper, a toothbrush, scissors (for cutting my hair when I’m bored) and a LOT of crap.
An hour later…


Everything is squeaky clean, I’m loving this~
So here are a few tips when you need to clean a messy desk like mine.
  1. When cleaning up papers, make 2 files: what goes in the recycling bin and what is a must keep. Notes from last year? Recycling bin. Travel documents from last summer? Must keep.
  2. Have a trash bag nearby, it’s faster to throw things when you can hold the bag in one hand. A trash can gets full too quickly anyway.
  3. If you are a procrastinator like me, set yourself a small goal, like, “Tonight I’m cleaning my desk”. It’s less of a pain in the ass if you know that once you are done with this part of your room, you are done for the day.
  4. Cables are messy: roll them and attach them with a rubber band. Wanna do something cuter? Use a ribbon and tie it in a bow.
  5. Have a disinfecting wipes around: they’ll be handy when it’s time to clean the desk once you cleared it.
P1010135 P1010147 P1010136 P1010138
1. Decoden stuff are kept in a box that used to be for biore facial cleanser wipes!
2. My drawer 3. Everything neatly tied! 4. YUUUUUCCKKKKK!!!!!

That’s it for today!!!
…. nah I can’t leave you without showing you a pic of me~  hehe~


Chic-hippie was my theme sunday~ I got a lot of positive comments~ I might just wear my bangs up more often from now on~

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New bling~


Simple bling for my beloved DS! Took me aroun 15 minutes. Sometimes, simple is the best!

I have nothing to blog about T_T


I have nothing to write about... I shall write about how boring and pointless my life is *sigh*

I'm so bored that I cleaned my desktop... I like it =) It'll probably last for a week or so but oh well...

Loving the pink cheetah background~ It should be a default BG on every Dell!

Since I have nothing interesting to say, this post will just be a sea of pictures~

Just before JFEST, styling my hair with my awesome pink Chi. People don't believe me
when I say I curl my hair with a straightening iron! PROOF, baon.

My dog is always sad whenever I tell him I'm going out. I'm often late because I stay longer
at home, giving him hugs. Right: ten pairs of fake eyelashes I bought on ebay not too long
ago. Quite good and mad cheap!

Eating poutine with Olivia, before our only class of the day. yummm

Left: gaming attire. Right: Pakou's birthday! Check out her artwork on her DA, she's AMAZING <3

Oh... you're still there?