Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grand menage: the desk

Today was a VERY stressful day.
Last night, my computer started to act weirdly, shutting down for no reasons... in the end, it wouldn't run unless it was in safe mode. So I called Dell's support and they made me run tests to make sure it wasn't a hard drive failure which after, the technician I spoke with, said that a reformat would probably fix everything. So I backuped everything on my external hard drives and reformated everything by myself ( I don't like being on the phone with a technician... it's full of awkward silences…
Luckily, I successfully reformated my computer and now it’s running as fast… just like when it was new! In a certain way, I’m happy that I had to do it: it’s an easy way to clean your data… although I wish I didn’t have to re-install all those programs now… sigh.
Once thing I wish I could simply format and it would become clean and nice… my room.
I gave myself a goal: clean it up for when my parents come back from the states. Tonight, I focused on my desk…

So here we got a super messy desk… CDs, make-up, paper, a toothbrush, scissors (for cutting my hair when I’m bored) and a LOT of crap.
An hour later…


Everything is squeaky clean, I’m loving this~
So here are a few tips when you need to clean a messy desk like mine.
  1. When cleaning up papers, make 2 files: what goes in the recycling bin and what is a must keep. Notes from last year? Recycling bin. Travel documents from last summer? Must keep.
  2. Have a trash bag nearby, it’s faster to throw things when you can hold the bag in one hand. A trash can gets full too quickly anyway.
  3. If you are a procrastinator like me, set yourself a small goal, like, “Tonight I’m cleaning my desk”. It’s less of a pain in the ass if you know that once you are done with this part of your room, you are done for the day.
  4. Cables are messy: roll them and attach them with a rubber band. Wanna do something cuter? Use a ribbon and tie it in a bow.
  5. Have a disinfecting wipes around: they’ll be handy when it’s time to clean the desk once you cleared it.
P1010135 P1010147 P1010136 P1010138
1. Decoden stuff are kept in a box that used to be for biore facial cleanser wipes!
2. My drawer 3. Everything neatly tied! 4. YUUUUUCCKKKKK!!!!!

That’s it for today!!!
…. nah I can’t leave you without showing you a pic of me~  hehe~


Chic-hippie was my theme sunday~ I got a lot of positive comments~ I might just wear my bangs up more often from now on~