Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I have nothing to blog about T_T


I have nothing to write about... I shall write about how boring and pointless my life is *sigh*

I'm so bored that I cleaned my desktop... I like it =) It'll probably last for a week or so but oh well...

Loving the pink cheetah background~ It should be a default BG on every Dell!

Since I have nothing interesting to say, this post will just be a sea of pictures~

Just before JFEST, styling my hair with my awesome pink Chi. People don't believe me
when I say I curl my hair with a straightening iron! PROOF, baon.

My dog is always sad whenever I tell him I'm going out. I'm often late because I stay longer
at home, giving him hugs. Right: ten pairs of fake eyelashes I bought on ebay not too long
ago. Quite good and mad cheap!

Eating poutine with Olivia, before our only class of the day. yummm

Left: gaming attire. Right: Pakou's birthday! Check out her artwork on her DA, she's AMAZING <3

Oh... you're still there?


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