Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A place that shall not be named?

Friday was B, J and JB'S birthday and it was pretty epic! We went to restaurant l'Academie. I wasn't too hungry... I ate a whole pizza by myself at home around 4PM because I didn't eat breakfast nor lunch so I only got an appetizer. We then moved to Jan Bius to drink and we stayed there until 1AM.

We picked up some alcohol at B's place and we snuck into a place that shall not be named and we stayed there until 6AM. It was pretty epic because I never expected I would one day be able to drink in that kind of place.

I'm sorry for not naming it, but it could get everyone in trouble if I did so I'll leave that to everyone's wild imagination! 8D

Angela and I posing with an ice sculpture that was in the middle of street.
You have no idea how fascinating this thing is... at 2am !
Sadly, I caught a cold and I've been feeling bad since Saturday... I even skipped work on Sunday and Monday... I don't lie being sick! It's so boring! So I started watching the Korean drama You're beautiful and I totally got addicted. Koreans really make the best romance drama... sigh

I'm currently addicted to the OST... I really recommend this drama to anyone who's a 16 years-old teenage girl when it comes to love stories!

I'm so tired right now... my cold keeps me from sleeping. Whenever I'm tired, I'm quite emo-ish and sad easily. I was having a pretty mediocre day because of that but a friend cheered me up and he totally deserves a shout out for that! Thanks Alex for being that awesome!!

On a different topic, concerning my blog layout, the new one should be released soon: the only thing left is to take the pictures with Emeraude~ So please look forward to it!

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  1. I am watching the same drama! I LOVE it ^^
    the music is very addicting and I love the cast ^^