Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week-end: Nuit Blanche + hanging out

This friday I went to my friend’s place for the time and when I arrived everyone had started to dirnk. His place is quite nice, he has a lot of guitars and we improvised a karaoke booth by plugging this mic in an amp and finding karaoke songs in youtube. It was a lot of fun!

Then we moved to a classic when you drink with Koreans: drinking games!

P1010154 P1010161
No Korean drinking games is complete without love shots!

Sathurday February the 27th was the Nuit Blanche! It my first time going and it was pretty cool! I really need to get a new camera because my flash sucks big time and I can never get good pictures at night! So frustrating !!

Ray and the “save humans too” polar bear. wow!


Mylène and Ricky. We met them randomly and they ended up spending the whole night with us. We were waiting for the labyrinth when we spotted them! Lucky them, we let them cut in the line so that they could do it with us =) The Old Port was really energetic! It’s really cool to see so many people in that area a whole night!


After hanging out in Old Port for a while, we headed to Place des Arts and looked around the Musée d’Art Contemporain. Sadly, I’m one of those who don’t get whacky contemporary art so it was something quite different for me. I snapped a pic (illegaly) or Jacky with… actually just make your own description because even after watching the movie… I didn’ really understand that piece…

BUT the best part of the night was the Fantasia festival! They showed short films and they were hilarious! Simple humor but it made me laugh, I couldn’t believe that the thought that I would fall asleep if I sat down in a cinema went through my mind!

I can’t wait for next year’s Festival~ !!

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