Saturday, March 27, 2010

Curse you, Microsoft !

I can't believe this is happening right now!

My friend lent me his XBOX360 because my brother forgot ours at our chalet when FFXIII came out. This morning, it just turned on me!

I got the freaking red ring of death!

And to make things worse, it's over 3 years old, my friend got it as soon as it came out!

Curse you Microsoft! I have no money to pay for repair...

Why am I so unlucky?

I guess that puts a hold on my FFXIII adventures, I have to restart from the beginning.

I'm so sorry George!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Decoden: shop review!

Note: this is NOT an advertorial but an honest review. Please enjoy~!

I’ve been into decoden for a little while and I must say: I’m addicted! It has become an habit to decorate everything that I can find! The cuter, the better! Right?

Up until now, I’ve been ordering at Strapya. Even though they offer a great shipping service and a large variety of straps, they don’t have a lot of polymer clay items besides flowers,

I don’t really know how, but I found Fullmoon Decoden! It’s a great website managed by YUKI, a great nail artist from Japan. She offers a large variety of items for nail arts, decoden, charms and handmade accessories.

Here is the package:


Everything was nicely wrapped bubble wrap  as well as lots of foamy little thingies (don’t know the name that that…). I was a little bit worried since two of my items were mirrors but they arrived just fine!

P1010265   P1010260

P1010261   P1010262

P1010263    P1010264

  • 2 Clay Rose in Light pink and Clear pink
  • 1 Love heart sand cookie
  • 2 Belgian waffle in Choco and Light pink
  • 1 Ribbon macaroon in Light pink
  • 1 Choco chip cookie in Light pink
  • 1 Hello Kitty ribbon in black

And here’s a pic with a ruler to give you an idea of the size:


And now with the mirrors! I just couldn’t resist, there were too cute! =D


But the best part is that, kind YUKI included small packet of various rhinestones and other decoration parts! Who doesn’t love freebies!


For a total of 19,90$USD, including shipping, I’ve got all this loot to decorate my phone!

Talking about phone, I had to remove my deco because my phone keeps freezing and shutting down for no reason! No matter what people… DON’T get an LG NEON! 

I have to go to Fido this week and complain about it… hopefully they’ll exchange it and I’ll bug them for another phone! No way I’m getting another NEON!

Monday, March 15, 2010

FFXIII: How to defeat Barthandelus

That motherf-....! He's a real pain in the ass to beat! BUT I'm back again with another explanation on how to beat the shit out of him and give that Sovereign a well deserved beating!

Before we get to the detailed explanation, I have to tell you guys… If you haven’t maxed out the all of your job levels, well you have some grinding to do. Luckily, you can still do so on the Bridge Access. Once every job is maxed out for every character, you’re in business.

edit: by maxed out, I meant the maximum level you can reach at this point in the game, for me, the Crystalium didn't go higher then level 3 for each job.

So here are the paradigms you’ll be using for this boss:

*Bully Commando Saboteur Synergist
Diversity Ravager Commando Medic
Relentless Assault Ravager Commando Ravager
Combat Clinic Medic Sentinel Medic
Hero’s Charge Medic Commando Synergist
Tireless Charge Commando Commando Medic

Items you’ll need: Fortisol and Librascope

Before you go in for the fight, use a Fortisol: this will cast Bravery, Faith and Haste at the start of the battle.

Make sure to make Bully your active paradigms: this way, as soon as the battle starts, Fang will cast Slow and Hope will add a few buffs to the ones your have because of the Fortisol. Switch to Diversity and use a Librascope to know your opponent's weakness. Now you can start destroying the Ailettes and Pauldrons.

I alternated between Diversity and Relentless Assault to stagger each ailette and pauldron, The sooner you get rid of them, the sooner the real fight starts.

Once all the ailettes and pauldrons are gone, Barthandelus won’t be casting elemental spells but reaaallllly powerful physical attacks so make sure you switch once in a while to Hero’s Charge to rebuff.

Even if he doesn’t have any weakness, use Diversity and Relentless Assault to try to stagger him and deal as much as damage possible. No time to be picky here. Soon, he’ll start charging up for his Destrudo attack. When you see the warning, switch to Tireless Charge and make sure all of your characters are healed. Keep attacking him with Lighting and Fang because I noticed that when you do so:
  • it will sometimes interrupt this charge process
  • it reduces the damage taken by Fang and Lighting
After 10-15 seconds, switch to Hero’s Charge or Bully and make sure you have all the buffs that you need. Around 30 seconds after he started charging up, he’ll be attacking so be fast and switch to Combat Clinic and heal LIGHTNING (your leader) first! Hope will be healing her too but he’s slow sometimes so be selfish.
On my first two tries, whenever he would start charging up, I would switch to Combat Clinic, heal everybody and just… wait for the attack (which was pretty stupid now that I think of it…).
Once everybody is ready to go, repeat the whole process again.
It’s basically a cycle:

Diversity –> Relentless Assault –> Hero’s charge –>

Tireless Charge –> Combat Clinic


Tip: After a while, you might be tempted to summon Odin. If you really want to summon Odin, wait at the end. Barthandelus has the tendency to cast doom on your leader. Two times out of three, it was right after I summoned Odin. However, even if you don’t summon Odin… he’s still going to cast doom anyway…

If you keep this up, you shouldn’t have any problems beating the shit out of this Barthande-ihatehisnametoolong-lus. Don’t freak out when he casts doom, you’ll have plenty of time to finish him off before the it hits zero!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

FFXIII: Complete Official Guide Review

So I wrote about how to defeat Odin a little bit earlier this week. I'm happy I wrote that blog entry since it got a lot of views and it helped a few people out there.

The day after I wrote that entry, I went to EB Games with my friend Katt who had just bought the game to check out the strategy guide and I decided to buy it!


I'm really happy I bought this book, I use it quite often while I'm playing... but I especially like to read it before going to sleep~ Keeps my in the spirit of the game even when I'm not playing!

  • MONSTER STATS: probably my favourite part of the whole book: when I' having a hard time in a battle and I want to save my technical points for summon, I check the stats in the book
  • The walkthrough is very detailed and it was written by non-hardcore-grinding people. They also warn you when there is a spoiler ahead. I like to peak
  • You get a lot for what you pay for (around 30$). 258 pages, glossy paper with loads of pictures!
  • A lot of details on jobs and paradigms. Almost every combination is explored.
  • I don't like the paperback... I could have gotten the limited edition with hard cover but I didn't want to pay more before making sure the guide was worth it. I'll probably cover the book with a plastic protector because some of the corners are curling already =(

So if you are loving FFXIII just like me, I recommend the guide since it's fun to read and it's definitely worth more then what you pay more.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Birthday week-end: Shopping!

I have accumulated a lot of blog-material but I’ve been obsessed with playing FFXIII! I have around 20 hours of gameplay… I’m in the middle of chapter 9~

I’m taking a quick break to show off the few things that I got last week-end when I went shopping with my mom for my birthday!

I never thought one day I would buy a pair of gladiators but I just fell in
 love with these as soon as I got in the shop! My mom really liked them too
so I'll have to hide them since we have the same shoe size!

I LOVE these black pumps! I can't wait for summer and wear 
them with baggy jean shorts.

ANKLE BOOTS <3 I wear these ALL the time! They are so comfy

These are absolutely adorable and I feel I'll be wearing them very often!

I also bought another pair of boots but since they didn't have my size in the tan color I wanted, they'll be delivered to by house soon. They were supposed to be delivered yesterday but it seems it'll be for next week!

These are two pairs of jeans that I got. The ones of the left have a snake
pattern on it and I really like them! I got a lot of compliments when I wore
them to my childhood friend's birthday yesterday~ 

The picture doesn't show how great the blue t-shirt is nice. The best part
is that, they each cost me...2$! 

That's it for my little birthday haul! I'll go back to FFXIII... I have a world to save~

Tomorow I'll be posting another circle lens review! Please look forward to it! 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

FFXIII: How to defeat Odin

So I got my version of FFXIII yesterday and that's what I've been doing instead of working on my layout. This game is addictive~

Since a lot of people are having a hard time beating Odin, I thought I should share how I did it. I checked a few websites but none of the solution proposed worked. I bet people who wrote these grinded like crazy... Which I didn't feel like doing. I tried around 20 times, with different combinations and this one is the one that worked for me.

First, get rid of all your other Paradigms: in this battle you need to switch quickly and you have no time to double check them. Here are the Paradigms I used, in this order:

Dual Casting
  • Lightning: Ravager
  • Hope: Ravager
Yin Yang
  • Lightning: Medic
  • Hope: Ravager
Double Dose
  • Lightning: Medic
  • Hope: Medic
As soon as the battle starts, use auto attack. You don’t have time to be picky about your spells. After 2 rounds, switch to Yin Yang and heal yourself and Hope. I noticed that Odin likes to beat the shit out of Hope so make sure you keep an eye on him: I had to use a Pheonix Down once to bring him back. From there, just keep attacking and healing as much as possible and you’ll see the gauge filling itself  quickly. When the count reaches 300, start pressing X (I play on Xbox, leave me alone) while keeping up with the attacks and the heals.
And voila! You defeated Odin~


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yup, FINALLY, updating my layout. I was getting sick of pink. So right now everything is messy here… sorry T_T

Don’t mind the top links for now… I’m too lazy to fix those at 1:28am

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Birthday week-end: Friday’s party!

This Sunday, I’ll be turning 20-something! So yesterday, I threw a party at my house and it was a lot of fun! The ambiance was very different from last year but it was great!

DSC01254Empty shots pyramid !!

Last year, I made ninja turtle drinks for everybody but this year, I couldn’t afford buying all the alcohol needed to make these… instead, I preferred jell-o shots mixed with soju! Since I didn’t want people to go crazy on the shots, I made a lot of jell-o shots without alcohol~ It was a great idea because I made over 150 shots and in 3 hours… they were all gone!

DSC01259 DSC01261
DSC01265 DSC01268

From left to right: B Oppa, S, Rania and my best friend Marianne (I’ve known her since I was 3 years old!) Whenever I throw a party, I like to invite people from different circles because I know they will all get along and become friends too =)

DSC01284 DSC01285Making pancakes and taking pictures at the same time 8D

Some things never change! Since I live a bit far from the city, a lot of people couldn’t go back home so a lot of them stayed over. In the morning, I made pancakes for everybody! Thanks to Pekka who brought all the fruits! There is no better way to start the day after partying all night then eating the best pancakes in world with fresh fruits!

I have to admit… I hid one of the raspberry basket since they are my favourite fruits~  I ate those later in the afternoon!

I also received a few gifts that are absolutely awesome!!

DSC01292 DSC01296
A very pretty necklace and bath fizzies from Annick!

Chocolates from Austin!

DSC01297 DSC01299
Bath products from B Oppa! They smell sooooo nice!

I also received two bottles of alcohol from Rania and Geni… but of course these were emptied last night~ And I must say, the next 2 gifts are the ones that surprised me the most! It seems my friends know me well… and my love for sweets!

DSC01251 DSC01252

My friend Caroline works in a cupcake shop in Montreal and she brought 2 boxes of her creations! Not only was I touched that she remembered my love for cupcakes but I love the fact that she baked those! The flower one is my favourite~ I still have a few left and I don’t want to eat them… they’re too cute!
But another gift that I got and that I’m not worried about eating is this one…
DSC01286 DSC01287

Aren’t they AMAZING? Jacky and Ray offered me these and they are amazing~ I love how they came in a cupcake box! And each lip-gloss has a different cupcake flavour!

Thank you to everyone who came yesterday! I had a lot of fun and I’m very happy to be able to celebrate my birthday with my friends! I’m happy that everybody had fun and that the party was fun and trouble-free! <3

Fred xxx

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Circle lenses: GEO Nudy Color Grey

ENOUGH with procrastinating! I've been saying I'll review all my circle lenses for months now. My reviews will mostly be oriented towards girls who wear circle lenses and have light eyes (blue or green). Since circle lenses are designed in Asia, the lens are made to enhance dark coloured eyes (black or brown) so finding circle lenses are light eyes can sometimes be a headache.

Today I'll start with GEO Nudy Color Grey, a great lens for girls with blue eyes who are looking for something subtle in terms of colour and enlargement.

No photoshop on this picture. Natural lighting.

Disclaimer: I'm NOT sponsored by GEO or any shop (although it would be lovely). This review is based on my own personal experience.
Comfort: I've worn contact lenses for a while and I always had this problem with lenses whenever I'm in a place where the air is too dry so whenever I'm wearing lenses, my eyes often feel dry after a few hours. So I usually carry eye drops for my dry eyes. With these lenses, my eyes don't get dry as fast as they normally do whenever I'm wearing regular contact lenses. I would say that so far, this pair of circle lenses is one of the most comfortable on the market right now!

Enlargement: Enlargement always depends on the size of your eyes. Some people get the halo effect with this lens but I don't. The size of this lens is 14mm in diameter and it gives my eyes a slight enlargement. Whenever I shop for circle lenses, I don't especially look for a big enlargement effect.

Colour and design: The colour is VERY nice! It suits any girl with blue eyes PERFECTLY! You can notice on the design picture below that there is a lot of "clear pixel" between the grey pixels: this is something to look out for whenever you are buying circle lenses if you have light eyes. The more you have these "clear pixels" between the coloured parts, the more the circle lens will blend in with your natural eye colour, which is something I personally recommend. With this kind of design, your natural eye colour blends with the lens and it's not apparent that you are wearing circle lenses~ No wonder they named it Nudy~


I hope my review was helpful and I'll be writing more very soon about circle lenses~

hint hint: Next one will be GEO Blue Wing! (which is now called Olive on GEO's website o.O)