Saturday, March 6, 2010

Birthday week-end: Friday’s party!

This Sunday, I’ll be turning 20-something! So yesterday, I threw a party at my house and it was a lot of fun! The ambiance was very different from last year but it was great!

DSC01254Empty shots pyramid !!

Last year, I made ninja turtle drinks for everybody but this year, I couldn’t afford buying all the alcohol needed to make these… instead, I preferred jell-o shots mixed with soju! Since I didn’t want people to go crazy on the shots, I made a lot of jell-o shots without alcohol~ It was a great idea because I made over 150 shots and in 3 hours… they were all gone!

DSC01259 DSC01261
DSC01265 DSC01268

From left to right: B Oppa, S, Rania and my best friend Marianne (I’ve known her since I was 3 years old!) Whenever I throw a party, I like to invite people from different circles because I know they will all get along and become friends too =)

DSC01284 DSC01285Making pancakes and taking pictures at the same time 8D

Some things never change! Since I live a bit far from the city, a lot of people couldn’t go back home so a lot of them stayed over. In the morning, I made pancakes for everybody! Thanks to Pekka who brought all the fruits! There is no better way to start the day after partying all night then eating the best pancakes in world with fresh fruits!

I have to admit… I hid one of the raspberry basket since they are my favourite fruits~  I ate those later in the afternoon!

I also received a few gifts that are absolutely awesome!!

DSC01292 DSC01296
A very pretty necklace and bath fizzies from Annick!

Chocolates from Austin!

DSC01297 DSC01299
Bath products from B Oppa! They smell sooooo nice!

I also received two bottles of alcohol from Rania and Geni… but of course these were emptied last night~ And I must say, the next 2 gifts are the ones that surprised me the most! It seems my friends know me well… and my love for sweets!

DSC01251 DSC01252

My friend Caroline works in a cupcake shop in Montreal and she brought 2 boxes of her creations! Not only was I touched that she remembered my love for cupcakes but I love the fact that she baked those! The flower one is my favourite~ I still have a few left and I don’t want to eat them… they’re too cute!
But another gift that I got and that I’m not worried about eating is this one…
DSC01286 DSC01287

Aren’t they AMAZING? Jacky and Ray offered me these and they are amazing~ I love how they came in a cupcake box! And each lip-gloss has a different cupcake flavour!

Thank you to everyone who came yesterday! I had a lot of fun and I’m very happy to be able to celebrate my birthday with my friends! I’m happy that everybody had fun and that the party was fun and trouble-free! <3

Fred xxx


  1. Oppa is a korean word for girls to address guys who are older than them, I find it very odd that you use it

  2. I know it seems a bit odd but he insists that I call him Oppa... it has become more of a nickname I guess. Don't worry, I'm not mocking korean honorifics in any way =)

  3. YAY ^^
    I had tones of fun at the party ^^ especially at the end when I was offering shots hihi ^^ count me in next year if you do a party for your birthday ^^ <3