Saturday, March 13, 2010

Birthday week-end: Shopping!

I have accumulated a lot of blog-material but I’ve been obsessed with playing FFXIII! I have around 20 hours of gameplay… I’m in the middle of chapter 9~

I’m taking a quick break to show off the few things that I got last week-end when I went shopping with my mom for my birthday!

I never thought one day I would buy a pair of gladiators but I just fell in
 love with these as soon as I got in the shop! My mom really liked them too
so I'll have to hide them since we have the same shoe size!

I LOVE these black pumps! I can't wait for summer and wear 
them with baggy jean shorts.

ANKLE BOOTS <3 I wear these ALL the time! They are so comfy

These are absolutely adorable and I feel I'll be wearing them very often!

I also bought another pair of boots but since they didn't have my size in the tan color I wanted, they'll be delivered to by house soon. They were supposed to be delivered yesterday but it seems it'll be for next week!

These are two pairs of jeans that I got. The ones of the left have a snake
pattern on it and I really like them! I got a lot of compliments when I wore
them to my childhood friend's birthday yesterday~ 

The picture doesn't show how great the blue t-shirt is nice. The best part
is that, they each cost me...2$! 

That's it for my little birthday haul! I'll go back to FFXIII... I have a world to save~

Tomorow I'll be posting another circle lens review! Please look forward to it! 


  1. Hahahaha! "I have a world to save"...thats cute.^^
    My sis has been playing it.....I hadnt have the chance to play!!no fair T-T but while I am waiting....I am replaying FFX :)
    The gameplay seems complicated though in FFXIII.

    WOA only $2!! great deal !^^
    wah!!!T-T you got booties/ankle!!!chanceuse et je dois dire que
    j'aime bien le Jean en peau de serpant. Interessant!!!

  2. Merci~ oui je suis vraiment tombé en amour avec ces jeans la quand je les ai vu en magasin!

    Sinon pour FFXIII, the battle mode is a bit complicated at first but they guide you well with tutorials and you get the hang of it really quickly! In my opinion, they took all the great aspects of the previous FF battle system and they created the FFXIII one. It's simply great!

    I also bought the strategy guide to make sure I don't miss anything! hehe

  3. rhaaa c kler now j'ai peur des coiffeurs mdr sinon c'est de la bombe ff13!!