Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Circle lenses: GEO Nudy Color Grey

ENOUGH with procrastinating! I've been saying I'll review all my circle lenses for months now. My reviews will mostly be oriented towards girls who wear circle lenses and have light eyes (blue or green). Since circle lenses are designed in Asia, the lens are made to enhance dark coloured eyes (black or brown) so finding circle lenses are light eyes can sometimes be a headache.

Today I'll start with GEO Nudy Color Grey, a great lens for girls with blue eyes who are looking for something subtle in terms of colour and enlargement.

No photoshop on this picture. Natural lighting.

Disclaimer: I'm NOT sponsored by GEO or any shop (although it would be lovely). This review is based on my own personal experience.
Comfort: I've worn contact lenses for a while and I always had this problem with lenses whenever I'm in a place where the air is too dry so whenever I'm wearing lenses, my eyes often feel dry after a few hours. So I usually carry eye drops for my dry eyes. With these lenses, my eyes don't get dry as fast as they normally do whenever I'm wearing regular contact lenses. I would say that so far, this pair of circle lenses is one of the most comfortable on the market right now!

Enlargement: Enlargement always depends on the size of your eyes. Some people get the halo effect with this lens but I don't. The size of this lens is 14mm in diameter and it gives my eyes a slight enlargement. Whenever I shop for circle lenses, I don't especially look for a big enlargement effect.

Colour and design: The colour is VERY nice! It suits any girl with blue eyes PERFECTLY! You can notice on the design picture below that there is a lot of "clear pixel" between the grey pixels: this is something to look out for whenever you are buying circle lenses if you have light eyes. The more you have these "clear pixels" between the coloured parts, the more the circle lens will blend in with your natural eye colour, which is something I personally recommend. With this kind of design, your natural eye colour blends with the lens and it's not apparent that you are wearing circle lenses~ No wonder they named it Nudy~


I hope my review was helpful and I'll be writing more very soon about circle lenses~

hint hint: Next one will be GEO Blue Wing! (which is now called Olive on GEO's website o.O)


  1. Very pretty! The grey really suits your eye colour ^_^ Good review :D

  2. jadore les geo elles sont super sinon ha ta les même et pas eu de colle c bizarre ??

  3. Merci =D

    Sinon pour les cils, je crois que je n'ai pas commandé du même vendeur que toi sur ebay... mais bon il faut juste que je me trouve une colle qui fait mon affaire et ça va =3 J'adooooooore ces cils... Il faut que j'en commande plus !!

  4. May i ask what kind of mascara you are using? It seems really good and more importantly no clumping and your lashes are still curled!

  5. I have 2 favorite mascaras: Maybelline COLOSSAL Volum' Express Mascara for the top lashes and Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto Mascara for the bottom lashes. However, I'm wearing half of a fake lash on that picture =3

  6. can u post a frontal, full face picture of u wearing these???

  7. Sure! I'll look for a picture right now~

  8. Honestly,, seeing your reviews of contacts helps so much.. I was on the market to buy new lenses, and when I found your blog I was so happy to see someone else with light coloured eyes wearing them,, hha! thanks! I actually think I'll be getting the dizon blue and nudy grey, they look so nice on you! :)

  9. Thank you !!
    For the picture, I don't seem to have one on my computer so I'll take one later today :)

    I'm so glad you find my reviews helpful! When I first started to wear lenses... there was NOTHING out there for girls with light eyes!! BTW Send me pictures when you get your lenses~ I'm sure they'll look great on you too~ 

  10. hha, thanks! And I will!

    I'm so noob on this site,, I just signed up a couple days ago so I don't have much of a blog,, but I'm working on it. It's kinda weird but you actually remind me a lot of me hhaha, maybe thats weird sorry... xDD It's also cool to know you're a fellow Canadian!

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