Saturday, March 27, 2010

Curse you, Microsoft !

I can't believe this is happening right now!

My friend lent me his XBOX360 because my brother forgot ours at our chalet when FFXIII came out. This morning, it just turned on me!

I got the freaking red ring of death!

And to make things worse, it's over 3 years old, my friend got it as soon as it came out!

Curse you Microsoft! I have no money to pay for repair...

Why am I so unlucky?

I guess that puts a hold on my FFXIII adventures, I have to restart from the beginning.

I'm so sorry George!


  1. Nothing to do if it's over 3 years old... I suppose you already played it, and sometime the ring of death happened? Cause I know that when I bring my xbox home the power required isn't always 'available' if other stuff are working on the same plug. But if you have to pay for another one, you can at least rejoice that you can buy an arcade one since your friend can keep his hard drive. :S

  2. j'adore final fantasy j'ai aussi le livre collector mais le gros.
    Arf bha tu sais faut chercher des fois c'est pas facile merci