Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Decoden: shop review!

Note: this is NOT an advertorial but an honest review. Please enjoy~!

I’ve been into decoden for a little while and I must say: I’m addicted! It has become an habit to decorate everything that I can find! The cuter, the better! Right?

Up until now, I’ve been ordering at Strapya. Even though they offer a great shipping service and a large variety of straps, they don’t have a lot of polymer clay items besides flowers,

I don’t really know how, but I found Fullmoon Decoden! It’s a great website managed by YUKI, a great nail artist from Japan. She offers a large variety of items for nail arts, decoden, charms and handmade accessories.

Here is the package:


Everything was nicely wrapped bubble wrap  as well as lots of foamy little thingies (don’t know the name that that…). I was a little bit worried since two of my items were mirrors but they arrived just fine!

P1010265   P1010260

P1010261   P1010262

P1010263    P1010264

  • 2 Clay Rose in Light pink and Clear pink
  • 1 Love heart sand cookie
  • 2 Belgian waffle in Choco and Light pink
  • 1 Ribbon macaroon in Light pink
  • 1 Choco chip cookie in Light pink
  • 1 Hello Kitty ribbon in black

And here’s a pic with a ruler to give you an idea of the size:


And now with the mirrors! I just couldn’t resist, there were too cute! =D


But the best part is that, kind YUKI included small packet of various rhinestones and other decoration parts! Who doesn’t love freebies!


For a total of 19,90$USD, including shipping, I’ve got all this loot to decorate my phone!

Talking about phone, I had to remove my deco because my phone keeps freezing and shutting down for no reason! No matter what people… DON’T get an LG NEON! 

I have to go to Fido this week and complain about it… hopefully they’ll exchange it and I’ll bug them for another phone! No way I’m getting another NEON!


  1. DECOden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love!!! youll have to update when your finish!
    I wish I could do it but ill wait until my cell contract finishes in September. Cant wait :)

  2. hehe! I just finished my phone~ I'll update soon! but I have yet to use the cookies, waffles and macaron... I can't find them a spot! they're too cute!!