Sunday, March 14, 2010

FFXIII: Complete Official Guide Review

So I wrote about how to defeat Odin a little bit earlier this week. I'm happy I wrote that blog entry since it got a lot of views and it helped a few people out there.

The day after I wrote that entry, I went to EB Games with my friend Katt who had just bought the game to check out the strategy guide and I decided to buy it!


I'm really happy I bought this book, I use it quite often while I'm playing... but I especially like to read it before going to sleep~ Keeps my in the spirit of the game even when I'm not playing!

  • MONSTER STATS: probably my favourite part of the whole book: when I' having a hard time in a battle and I want to save my technical points for summon, I check the stats in the book
  • The walkthrough is very detailed and it was written by non-hardcore-grinding people. They also warn you when there is a spoiler ahead. I like to peak
  • You get a lot for what you pay for (around 30$). 258 pages, glossy paper with loads of pictures!
  • A lot of details on jobs and paradigms. Almost every combination is explored.
  • I don't like the paperback... I could have gotten the limited edition with hard cover but I didn't want to pay more before making sure the guide was worth it. I'll probably cover the book with a plastic protector because some of the corners are curling already =(

So if you are loving FFXIII just like me, I recommend the guide since it's fun to read and it's definitely worth more then what you pay more.

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