Thursday, April 1, 2010

Circle lenses: EOS Adult Violet

I’m happy to see that a lot are enjoying my last circle lens review! I’ll make sure to keep up with the review! Today I’ll be reviewing EOS Adult Violet! It’s a two tone lens and the diameter is 14.0 mm. If you go on EOS website, it is model number E-203.


Disclaimer: I'm NOT sponsored by EOS or any shop (although it would be lovely). This review is based on my own personal experience.

EOS Adult Violet is, in my opinion, an excellent lens for girls with blue eyes who are looking for a lens that has a kick of color but a subtle design.

Comfort: Like I mentioned in my previous review, my eyes get dry easily whenever I wear any type of lenses so drops are mandatory for me. However, while wearing these lenses, I felt a little bit uncomfortable and I had to use drops every 2 hours whenever I wore them. Not the most comfortable pair of lens I’ve tried, especially from EOS…

Enlargement: Enlargement always depends on the size of your eyes: again, these lenses are 14.0 mm in diameter which enlarged my eyes a little bit.

Color and Design: Although the lens is called Adult Violet, on blue eyes, it sometimes look more pink then blue: which is pretty cool in my opinion. Of course, on darker eyes, the color really comes out as a beautiful violet. Again, the design has a lot of “clear pixels” which allows your natural eye color to blend in perfectly with the lens’ design. What surprised me the most about this lens is how sheer the design seems to be when you first look at it! When I got them, I though: “There’s no way THIS is going to make by eyes violet!” but I was wrong!

You can see from the add that the design looks very… pale. Don’t let it influence you because it is a great lens for both dark and light eyes!

I hope this review was helpful! I’ll be writing about circle lenses again very soon! In the meantime, keep an eye on Violet’s blog, she also has a circle lenses review coming up =)

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