Saturday, April 17, 2010

Crafty saturday: accessories holder thingie!

Rainy week-ends are a total social life killer for me! Yesterday, Charlie convinced me to go out by going to eat yummy dumplings!

Sadly it was still raining today so I decided to try out one of Violet’s tutorials~ But deciding to do this last minute… my materials are quite limited… but everyone has toilet paper and wool at home right?

Violet had this brilliant idea to use these two to transform it into a scarf holder! Inspired by her idea, I decided to make my own in the shape of a heart~


It’s quite easy to make! Once you are done scotching the rolls together, take your wool and start wrapping until the paper roll is covered. You can also add cute decorations like flowers and bows, just like Violet did on hers~ I kept mine au naturel!


and TA-DAAAA~ Final result! now all my jewellery is kept in a safe and cute place! It was time for my hand sculpture to retire… It’s now in my little brother’s room: I guess it suits his room more then mine!

090830_174907see the hand? haha it was sculpted by my older brother
a long time ago. He tried to throw it away but my
mom saved it~ I’ve been using it ever since!

Make sure you stop by Violet’s blog to check out her tutorial in details and her other creative projects!

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