Monday, April 5, 2010

Fashion Faux Pas: How not to wear leggings

I’ve always wanted to write about fashion… but since I don’t especially belong to any styles or movement, it’s a bit hard for me to write about it as I feel people wouldn’t take me seriously and I’m afraid I could offend people who belong to specific styles (such as gyaru, lolita, two styles that I love, they’re both candilicious for my eyes!).

However, I know a Faux Pas when I see one.

Today’s faux pas is from a girl I saw in the metro.


I thought most girl understood that leggings are not for everybody shape… sadly, these two ladies didn’t get the memo. It’s very sad because they both have great body shapes but wearing leggings without covering your butt is not flattering them. At. All. If you are slightly more curved then a 110 lbs model, chances are, you have a bit of fat on your thighs. It’s ok, all woman have, our bodies naturally will stock excess fat in that area (for man, it’s the belly). So wearing leggings without covering your butt will accentuate that part of your body, may it be flattering or not.

People. Let’s get it straight once and for all. You can only wear leggings this way if you have a similar body shape to Minzy, from 2NE1. Then again… most the time, Minzy’s butt is half-covered with a baggy t-shirt.

Another thing. Pink sweater + pink cheetah print leggings + pink flats… when was that equation good? Matching clothes does not mean matching everything the same color. Matching means, completing the main piece of the outfit with other pieces of different colors to complete that main piece.

Using Polyvore, here’s how I would have personally matched patterned leggings:


A simple, flowy top with a nice necklace and HEELS. HEELS, people, HEELS! And to top it all… a simple but cute handbag (break the rule that bags have to match with shoes… it’s not true anymore)

So… how often do you see this fashion faux pas?

This post is dedicated to my friend Ria who I recently converted to leggings. =3

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