Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring layout !!!

This morning I woke up and my friend Mmystery had posted on Facebook a little surprise for me! Around a month ago, I had asked her if she could do little drawings of me to decorate my blog. Since she was quite busy with school, she only had the time to do it last night (instead of sleeping =X).

I just love how she draw me~ it’s so cute! So it inspired me to changed my blog’s theme since spring is here~ I also changed the subtitle of my blog to “everyday normal girl”. This is how she named the drawings and that’s exactly what I am xD


final2I added extra watermarks because I don’t want anyone to steal those. MINE! If you would like to have your owns, you can try requesting some via her DeviantArt (make sure you are polite~ Pakou doesn’t like rude people~ ). Make sure you check out her gallery, her art is awesome! You might want to check out her blog too, it’s a lot of fun to read, she has a lot of drawings that are exclusive to her blog! =D


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