Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Circle lenses: EOS Dizon Eyes Grey

I mentioned before that these lenses are my all-time favourite lenses yet I never made a proper review! Shame on me! If go on EOS website, it is model number G201.

P1010319please don’t mind my messy brows and my lack of make-up >.<

Disclaimer: I'm NOT sponsored by EOS or any shop (although it would be lovely). This review is based on my own personal experience.

Comfort: Since my eyes get dry easily, I’m quite picky when it comes to circle lenses. Until recently, no lenses could compare with my Neo Celeb Green but the Dizon Eye just shoved Neo Celeb in its corner. This lens is so comfortable, I can wear it almost anymore and I feel barely any discomfort.

Enlargement: the size of this lens is 14,5mm which is a little bit bigger then most GEO lenses. On my eyes, it gives a good enlargement.

Color and Design: If you have always hated Leah Dizon for her amazing eyes that even captured the heart of Nishikido Ryo, you’ll be happy with these lenses because they give you that dark yet sexy look. I would recommend this lens for people who have blue eyes that have grey tones: the lens blends more easily this way with your natural eye color. What I love with these lenses is that they give you a similar effect a all-black circle lens would give you but with a hit of grey.

You can also notice on the picture above that my irises are quite small: when I took this picture, I purposely aimed my desk light in front of my face to show you how the lenses perfectly blend!

P1010311the lenses in their case

I hope you enjoyed this review and that it was helpful for someone~ I’ll write about circle lenses again very soon: I enjoy writing these a lot~



  1. ok soo,everyones eyes are shaped diff..ii dont see how they can fit everyone!

  2. Hey :)
    I have small iris And My Natural Color is a grey Blue with Green And yellwo in The middle. I search for a Natural grey Circle lenses which Show a Lot of My Natural eye Color And have a (Natural ) Black rim :D
    But i dont know which lenses would be Perfect fit with My eyes :/
    Which of These would you prefer ?
    Dizon Eyes grey
    Hana spc Natural grey
    Or hyper Natural grey ?
    Please help me :(
    Thanks a Lot !:)