Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New haircut + nonsense!

This week-end I went to MnC to get my hair cut by Eunyoung~ Again she did a fabulous job! What I love about her is that I don’t have to show up with pictures to explain what I want… she knows my style already =)

But the best part is… her head massages… she’s really the best!!

100512_001757 Hiding my make-up less face~

So my bangs are back (yay!) and I dyed my hair to remove the orange and yellow tones the previous dye job left~

I’m a little bit stressed at the moment, tomorrow is the national French exam… and even if a lot of people say it’s really easy, I’m still very nervous. My writing style in French is very poor although I don’t make a lot of mistakes… so if you have a moment tomorrow between 8am to 12am… send me good vibes and wish that I pass this exam!

Et pour ceux et celles qui lisent mon blogue et parlent Français, bonne chance avec l’épreuve uniforme! Théoriquement, je n’ai pas besoin de la réussir puisque je transfère dans un CÉGEP anglophone en septembre mais je veux quand même réussir… on sait jamais, je pourrais aboutir dans une Université francophone (même si je rêve d’aller à McGill haha) a manné~


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