Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Small haul + Canada Day =D

I’m sorry I haven’t updated regularly lately! If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that I got a new job! Yay!! Just after I quit Sushi Shop, I got a call for an interview in a hotel where my best friend Annick works at. Just a few hours after the interview, they called me back to tell me they hired me and asked me to start the next morning!

Anyway, enough about work!

Well… another awesome thing about my new job is that it’s located in the middle of Montreal’s shopping district! Since I have to familiarize myself with the area, I seized this opportunity to do a little bit of shopping hehehe~

clothes From left to right: Twik, La Senza, Suzy Shier, H&M and Twik

I picked up the jacket when Annick and I went for breakfast! That time I also got a nice blouse (I came back later to buy 2 more in white and grey! yay for office clothes lol) and the night gown. In the summer, no fabric feels nicer then satin! I’ve been wearing the apricot dress every time I go out lately; it’s so soft and comfy yet classy because of the ruched shoulders.

DSC01436love the cami~

I’m so tired because of work I’m off to sleep (it’s not even 9!!! lol) but before so, I want to give a shout out to a Youtuber that doesn’t get enough love IMO. I’ve been watching his channel for maybe 2 years now? He’s really funny and creative AND he included my latest random comment in his last vid =P So make sure to check Gunnarolla’s channel!!

It’s also CANADA DAY tomorrow! So for all my fellow Canadians out there, have a great day and be safe while celebrating ^^

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Montreal; I love you!

It’s so nice and hot lately, I love the weather!

My friend Katt came over yesterday and we made matcha cupcakes! I forgot to to take pictures and my family is already done eating them! Instead.. I took a few pictures while waiting for Katt at the bus stop~


Today, I somehow woke up early and worked on my first cosplay project; Gypsy from Ragnarok Online. It is a well known fact that I’ve been in love with Dancers and Gypsies from RO for a long time and my friend Aya asked me to join a RO cosplay group for the upcoming Otakuthon~ I haven’t cosplayed in a while so I’m really happy! I spent the day shopping for materials and it was a lot of fun to walk downtown since it was so nice!

1. what I wore 2. Walking in the Village; they have those roses everywhere!

Since it was announced that HIMEKA will be performing at Otakuthon… I’m considering adding Alicia from Valkyria Chronicles to my line-up… but I’ll start by finishing my Gypsy costume first.

rogypsy_2This is a Gypsy^^

The thing about cosplay is… you have to adapt the costume to real life. The is no way a top like the above would hold up an entire day plus… it’s a bit too revealing! So I decided to use a lace bra, spray paint it gold and add beading details on it. I was inspired to do so by another cosplayer =) I’ve worked in the beading for 6 hours today and this is what it looks likes so far!


The picture is horrible… my cellphone camera can’t handle the gold so it really looks bleh here but irl, it’s really shiny. Since I took the picture, I added more red beads to the left. I should be done with the beading tomorow and hopefully the whole top will be finish as well! I’m really excited about this costume, so far, it’s coming out so nicely!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Circle Lenses: EOS Super Nudy Pink

Pink lenses are the new big thing this year when it comes to circle lenses. All the companies are fighting to develop the best pink design and I thought it was time for me to test a pink lens! MukuCHU kindly sent me a pair of EOS Super Nudy in pink for me to review!


Disclaimer: These lenses were sponsored by mukuCHU, however this review is based on my own personal experience.

Comfort: I’m starting to believe that EOS make really comfortable lenses when it comes to people who have dry eyes like me. Again, I didn’t feel any discomfort while wearing these lenses. =D

Enlargement: These lenses are 14.5mm but they don’t give a freaky-ish enlargement at all!

Color and design: This is the interesting part. In a previous review, I mentioned how I liked that lens designers would leave clear space in the design so that the lens color could blend in with the eye color. This is a great thing when you have pale eyes and you’re looking into green, blue or grey eyes. However, when it comes to flashy colors like pink, yellow and such, this type of pattern is not enough. You probably noticed that the lens doesn’t really look pink on my eye at all. I’ve tried to take pictures in different lighting but the result is the same: it’s gives my eyes a little bit of pink but nothing outstanding. Therefore, if you are interested in bright pink lenses and you have light eyes like me, I wouldn’t recommend these lenses unless you are looking for a subtle feel.

I hope this review was useful! Let me know if you tried pink circle lenses and which one is your favourite! I think the Sakura Flower looks interesting, has anyone tried it?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Honorifics: do we have the right to use them?

I don’t usually reply to hatemail or absurd comments but I thought this one brought an interesting subject up…

Are white people allowed to use Korean or Japanese honorific words? The question should be… why white people shouldn’t be allowed to do so?

Honestly… I never really thought about it so I asked some of my Japanese and Korean friends: most of them assured me that a white person saying “Oppa” or “-chan” is fine, especially when addressing a Korean or Japanese person. For most of them, they consider it being thoughtful to their culture and language and appreciated it.

Kinda the same way a French person from Qu├ębec will appreciate it when a person who doesn’t speak French at all will greet you in French and try to talk in French as much as possible. Even if it’s broken, there is effort and the person is being thoughtful about my culture: I definitely appreciate it.

So why would it be wrong the other way around, right?

I know that it can be annoying in a way… I’ve met over enthusiastic Japanophiles before. I don’t mean to generalize but a lot of them would use kawaii or arigatou as much as possible to a point where it was too much. But if you balance it out, like using those words when you are hanging out with a Japanese person and you truly are studying Japanese (listening to Japanese music doesn’t count as studying btw~) then it’s absolutely ok!

I know a lot of my readers are somewhat interested in Asian cultures and some are Asian. Please let me know what you think =)

[ In case you are wondering, B Oppa and J Oppa are both in Korea, this is why I haven’t talked about them in a while~ They’ll be back at the end of the summer!]

edit; I just want to say that I'm not angry or anything! That comment doesn't affect me in any way but the second part of it (about disrecpecting the korean culture) made me reflect. That's it. No bad feelings here~ lol

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Small update… that turned out to be quite long 8D

I haven’t talked about my daily life in a while!! Things are a little bit crazy right now… The owners of the sushi restaurant I work at suddenly sold the restaurant which caused us to have 3 new managers who replaced my previous boss. I was a little bit awkward first since these guys have no experience at all in managing a restaurant so for 2 weeks we trained them…

And now they’ve turn into complete know-it-all-jerks! They were really nice at first but now they’re are just mean towards the employees: they even cancelled the raise everybody was supposed to get! When I tried to discuss it with them, one of them rudely said to me: “Why should we give YOU a raise anyway?”. I was so offended… I’ve been working there for 2 years, trained most of the cashiers that are currently in function in the restaurant and I work hard. Being told that was worst then being slapped… Ever since we had that conversation, they’ve being on my  back for no reasons and I got sick of it: Sunday, I gave them my resignation letter. I feel much better now that I know that I only have 2 more weeks left with these irritating people!

I feel a bit sad to leave this place; I love the people who work there! Sadly, it seems I’m not the only one who’s leaving…

It was Keum-Yeo’s birthday a few days ago; it was a lot of fun! A lot of people showed up so when we arrived the restaurant was full of people that KY had invited! Most of the pictures I took turned out of to be too dark to be salvageable even with photoshop except for this pic with Tami~

Thanks for inviting me Keum-Yeo~ It was a lot of fun =D

I’m glad my job in a hotel is going well tho! My best friend Annick also works in a hotel at night so last saturday we went for breakfest after work and shopped a little bit =D

100612_075915 100612_075831
Ordering! I had Benedictine eggs and Annick had pancakes~

The service really sucked… the waiter asked for our order 2 minutes after we sat down so obviously we weren’t ready and he only came back 30 minutes later! I would have understood if the restaurant had been crowded but it wasn’t the case… Then Annick ordered a fresh banana juice; it was so fresh that half of the banana was intact in the glass o.O


After eating, we were lucky enough to ran into Koreans watching the South Korea VS Greece match! we watched a bit and saw that Korea won~ I’m not much into soccer but the ambiance was nice! After that, we went shopping and I picked up a few items for work at Simons and some sleepwear at La Senza… I would post pics but I feel quite silly taking pics of my clothes laying on my bed so I’ll do some outfit posts soon~

In the meantime please bare with this lousy self cam I took tonight before going out for coffee with Annick~ I really liked my make-up today =D

 100615_213707 100615_230045

I’ll update very soon with more outfits haha sorry for the lazyness~ It’s summer after all~ =P


I got a dailybooth~ If you have an account, let me in the comments so that I can follow you =D I wanna stalk your webcam pics =P


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Circle lenses: EOS Dizon Eyes Blue

Yay!!! More circle lenses! I mentioned before that the kind mukuCHU sent me lenses to review and here is the first pair!

The first pair is the famous Dizon eyes… but in blue! I mentioned before that I really love the Grey Dizon eyes so I was really excited to try the blue ones!


Disclaimer: These lenses were sponsored by mukuCHU, however this review is based on my own personal experience.

Comfort: Again, the lenses were very comfortable! However, I noticed that sometimes, the lenses wouldn’t follow my eye. This has never happened before so I was a bit worried but after a bit of research, I learned that this was due to the base curve radius. Nothing compromising when it comes to wearing circle lenses aside from a little bit of blurriness whenever the lenses wouldn’t follow.

Enlargement: In my previous review, I said these lenses gave a good enlargement but after wearing one lens only, I noticed how HUGE my eyes were with the lenses!! See for yourself:

P1010435My left eye is  so nekkid!!

Color and design: Leah Dizon, move aside! With these lenses, I’ve gotten more compliments about how beautiful my eyes were then I’ve ever gotten with any other lenses! I think what makes this lenses so great is how the design fades in with my natural eye color! Just like the for the Grey Dizons, I think these lenses are great for blue to grey eyes.

I don’t want to make this review longer since I already reviewed these lenses in another color but I really wanted to show how beautiful they are! Honestly… I have a hard time to not look at my eyes whenever I see my reflection!!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Next week, I’ll be reviewing EOS Super Nudy in PINK!!! Yay my first pair of Pink lenses!! In the meantime, some of you wanted to see my circle lenses collection!


Thank you for reading! Make sure to check out mukuCHU’s shop! =D


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More eyelashes !

Yay! Today I received another set of bulk eyelashes from ebay!

232257 232403

I really like them, very dramatic! What I like is that they don’t have that plastic shiny-ness some ebay lashes have: they are quite matte actually! Plus, the fact that 10 pairs only cost me 3$ including shipping… I <3 ebay!

Fake eyelashes are addicting!!

On a completely different note, I decided to retouch my high graduation picture: it’s amazing how just a few tweaks here and there can change a picture! I think I’ll print it and swap it with the original that my father has in his office!

No more weird shaped eyebrow!

OH! and circle lenses review coming up this week!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Scary !!!

I'm a bit bored right now~ I mentioned earlier that I have a new job in a hotel: I work as a night audit. I haven't really talked about my career before but I've been working in hotels for almost 2 years now : I love it! If guys have any question about the hospitality world, let me know~

The other day I tweeted that someone had followed me home... it was SO scary!! It was 1AM when I got down the bus. I was walking down the street when I passed the bus stop and I stopped a guy waiting there... I thought it was a bit strange since I know that the last bus had passed a while ago but I kept walking.

Usually, when I'm walking I like to sing out loud if no one is around me... so I singing very loudly with only one earphone on when I thought I saw something behind me so I turned around and the guy from the bus stop was standing a few meters away from me. Strangely, he wasn't walking on the sidewalk but near the fence, in the shadow. I stared at him for a few seconds and I started to walk again. I turned around again and he was walking towards me this time! When he saw that I had turned around again, he stopped walking again!

I started to freak out… I grabbed my cell and I called Eru: he was the last person on my dial list and I told him to stay on the line with me and that I thought someone was following me. I turned around and I saw the guy doing the whole stop-walking-when-you’re-watching thing again. I walked really fast to get home and as soon as I did, I called the cops. They called me back later to tell me that they had sent 2 cars and searched the area but didn’t find anyone.


Most of my friends said things like: “Fred, you know how to fight… you should have just kicked his ass!!”. People, there is a difference between fighting for your life and fighting during a [insert martial art of your choice here] competition! The best way to win a fight, is to run away from it. That’s the first thing any master of any martial art will teach you.

… I should get back to work now~ hehe

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Daily outfit: midnight coffee

After work today, I was a bit bored so I texted Annick to see what she was up to; her sister came to pick me up and we went for a coffee. We met a classmate from high school there~

This is what I wore^^


Camisole: Stitches
Lace Vest: A+
Shredded jeans: made them~
Hat: Ebay


My parents found an old tripod in the garage and it’s still good so I’ll be able to take proper pictures of my outfits soon =)

In the meantime, here a very scary picture T_T My little brother is mountain biker… he’s quite good actually~ He has sponsors and he takes part in a lot of competitions, you guys should see our garage… it’s only bike tools in there! The other day, he came back home from a competition with this scary bruise on his stomach hip!!


At first I thought it was dirt!! Poor Vincent~ He said he fell on a rock or something O.O