Saturday, June 12, 2010

Circle lenses: EOS Dizon Eyes Blue

Yay!!! More circle lenses! I mentioned before that the kind mukuCHU sent me lenses to review and here is the first pair!

The first pair is the famous Dizon eyes… but in blue! I mentioned before that I really love the Grey Dizon eyes so I was really excited to try the blue ones!


Disclaimer: These lenses were sponsored by mukuCHU, however this review is based on my own personal experience.

Comfort: Again, the lenses were very comfortable! However, I noticed that sometimes, the lenses wouldn’t follow my eye. This has never happened before so I was a bit worried but after a bit of research, I learned that this was due to the base curve radius. Nothing compromising when it comes to wearing circle lenses aside from a little bit of blurriness whenever the lenses wouldn’t follow.

Enlargement: In my previous review, I said these lenses gave a good enlargement but after wearing one lens only, I noticed how HUGE my eyes were with the lenses!! See for yourself:

P1010435My left eye is  so nekkid!!

Color and design: Leah Dizon, move aside! With these lenses, I’ve gotten more compliments about how beautiful my eyes were then I’ve ever gotten with any other lenses! I think what makes this lenses so great is how the design fades in with my natural eye color! Just like the for the Grey Dizons, I think these lenses are great for blue to grey eyes.

I don’t want to make this review longer since I already reviewed these lenses in another color but I really wanted to show how beautiful they are! Honestly… I have a hard time to not look at my eyes whenever I see my reflection!!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Next week, I’ll be reviewing EOS Super Nudy in PINK!!! Yay my first pair of Pink lenses!! In the meantime, some of you wanted to see my circle lenses collection!


Thank you for reading! Make sure to check out mukuCHU’s shop! =D



  1. these lenses are not the best ones for you in my opinion; they're a bit scary to me to be honest.

  2. really? =-O I really like these lenses, maybe I should post a pic of myself, not just my eye?

  3. hey hey,

    just dropping in from soompi. This is a pretty cute blog :O And it helps that you're from Quebec. I'm down in Toronto, nice to meet ya. I think the contacts look fine... if people can wear those crazy cat eyes this pales in comparison LOL. But anyway that's my opinion. Well take care anyway.

    -your brother's bruise made me squeal a bit.

  4. Hi! Thank you for reading! and yay, a fellow Canadian~ How's Toronto these days?

  5. Annick RobertsonJune 19, 2010 at 4:59 AM

    I WANTTTTT to order a pair of those lenses if it's possible. . . contact me on my cell since I only have access to the net at work =)

  6. Ça donne un drole d'effet. Comme si y'avait pas de textures dans tes yeux. Mais de proche, on voit le que je trouve très réaliste. On dirait que c'est ta vrai couleur!

  7. I've been looking for some new contacts lately, and finding your blog has really helped. I was wondering in you could put full pictures up though of you wearing the dizon blue and the nudy grey.. we have similar eye colour so it would help,, hha.. also, in the big picture at the top, what lenses r u wearing?? thanks! :)

  8. wow im soo noob on this site... i posted a comment here,, but now i dont see it... -_-

  9. Sure~ I'll updated the posts later today~

    On the banner, I'm not wearing any lenses at all =P

  10. haha no worries~ my comment program thingie asks me to moderate comments whenever a lot of them are posted from the same IP address in a short amount of time~ 

  11. really?? but you have like a black ring around your iris?? :S hha

  12. I have very small one!
    It's more dark blue then black and it changes sometimes... depending on the weahter or the color of my clothing

  13. ooo thats cool^^,, um did u ever post any of those full-face pictures of u wearing the dizon and the nudy grey??

  14. Yay! A review of a lens on blue eyes! ♥ Now I'll know how they might look on my eyes. Thanks so much! I think I will buy these ^O^ ♥