Sunday, June 20, 2010

Circle Lenses: EOS Super Nudy Pink

Pink lenses are the new big thing this year when it comes to circle lenses. All the companies are fighting to develop the best pink design and I thought it was time for me to test a pink lens! MukuCHU kindly sent me a pair of EOS Super Nudy in pink for me to review!


Disclaimer: These lenses were sponsored by mukuCHU, however this review is based on my own personal experience.

Comfort: I’m starting to believe that EOS make really comfortable lenses when it comes to people who have dry eyes like me. Again, I didn’t feel any discomfort while wearing these lenses. =D

Enlargement: These lenses are 14.5mm but they don’t give a freaky-ish enlargement at all!

Color and design: This is the interesting part. In a previous review, I mentioned how I liked that lens designers would leave clear space in the design so that the lens color could blend in with the eye color. This is a great thing when you have pale eyes and you’re looking into green, blue or grey eyes. However, when it comes to flashy colors like pink, yellow and such, this type of pattern is not enough. You probably noticed that the lens doesn’t really look pink on my eye at all. I’ve tried to take pictures in different lighting but the result is the same: it’s gives my eyes a little bit of pink but nothing outstanding. Therefore, if you are interested in bright pink lenses and you have light eyes like me, I wouldn’t recommend these lenses unless you are looking for a subtle feel.

I hope this review was useful! Let me know if you tried pink circle lenses and which one is your favourite! I think the Sakura Flower looks interesting, has anyone tried it?


  1. Okay I'm in love! I didn't think pink lens would look great on pale eyes but POOF they look fabulous! Love them ♥

  2. really? =D I was expecting something brighter but I'm not unhappy with how subtle they look either ^^

  3. I felt pink were off limits with light eye girls just because of how freaky they might be with the blend. Those seem a bit more natural. I am curious how those are vs the Max Pure Pink

  4. I'm in love with the Max Pure series so I think I'll give the pink model a try soon =D

  5. aww they look good on your eyes!!!

    yes koda kumi theyhave still tickets ^^

    i want some circle lens too.. i feeling that my still getting worse xD

  6. Thank you!!

    I'm glad you found tickets =D I love Koda Kumi, you are so lucky!! I really want to see her concert one day... but for now, I buy the concert Dvds lol

  7. They look really lovely, not crazy pink but subtle and pretty none the less ^_^ Congrats on your sponsored posts too!