Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Daily outfit: midnight coffee

After work today, I was a bit bored so I texted Annick to see what she was up to; her sister came to pick me up and we went for a coffee. We met a classmate from high school there~

This is what I wore^^


Camisole: Stitches
Lace Vest: A+
Shredded jeans: made them~
Hat: Ebay


My parents found an old tripod in the garage and it’s still good so I’ll be able to take proper pictures of my outfits soon =)

In the meantime, here a very scary picture T_T My little brother is mountain biker… he’s quite good actually~ He has sponsors and he takes part in a lot of competitions, you guys should see our garage… it’s only bike tools in there! The other day, he came back home from a competition with this scary bruise on his stomach hip!!


At first I thought it was dirt!! Poor Vincent~ He said he fell on a rock or something O.O

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