Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Montreal; I love you!

It’s so nice and hot lately, I love the weather!

My friend Katt came over yesterday and we made matcha cupcakes! I forgot to to take pictures and my family is already done eating them! Instead.. I took a few pictures while waiting for Katt at the bus stop~


Today, I somehow woke up early and worked on my first cosplay project; Gypsy from Ragnarok Online. It is a well known fact that I’ve been in love with Dancers and Gypsies from RO for a long time and my friend Aya asked me to join a RO cosplay group for the upcoming Otakuthon~ I haven’t cosplayed in a while so I’m really happy! I spent the day shopping for materials and it was a lot of fun to walk downtown since it was so nice!

1. what I wore 2. Walking in the Village; they have those roses everywhere!

Since it was announced that HIMEKA will be performing at Otakuthon… I’m considering adding Alicia from Valkyria Chronicles to my line-up… but I’ll start by finishing my Gypsy costume first.

rogypsy_2This is a Gypsy^^

The thing about cosplay is… you have to adapt the costume to real life. The is no way a top like the above would hold up an entire day plus… it’s a bit too revealing! So I decided to use a lace bra, spray paint it gold and add beading details on it. I was inspired to do so by another cosplayer =) I’ve worked in the beading for 6 hours today and this is what it looks likes so far!


The picture is horrible… my cellphone camera can’t handle the gold so it really looks bleh here but irl, it’s really shiny. Since I took the picture, I added more red beads to the left. I should be done with the beading tomorow and hopefully the whole top will be finish as well! I’m really excited about this costume, so far, it’s coming out so nicely!


  1. Oh too bad you didn't get a photo of the matcha cupcakes, they sound super yummy!

    I wonder how a top like that could really work in real life, it doesn't look like fabric, I guess tape would hold it up. Your idea is great and it's looking lovely so far. I could never do all that bead work!

  2. I know! I can't imagine wearing a glued on top during a convention... I'm scared I would pull a Janet Jackson move T_T

    The beading was really hard at first but it's quite easy now! I did most of it while watching tv~ It's almost done!

  3. Oh wow that costume is going to look fantastic!! I absolutely adore the beading details :D I can't wait to see it finished!

  4. I'll post an update soon about that costume~ I'm quite proud of the beading !! At first, I was a bit worried of wearing such a revealing costume but by adding so much details like the beading, I can't wait to wear it since it's really not going to be about my body but mostly about the costume and the details like that ^^ haha