Saturday, June 5, 2010

Scary !!!

I'm a bit bored right now~ I mentioned earlier that I have a new job in a hotel: I work as a night audit. I haven't really talked about my career before but I've been working in hotels for almost 2 years now : I love it! If guys have any question about the hospitality world, let me know~

The other day I tweeted that someone had followed me home... it was SO scary!! It was 1AM when I got down the bus. I was walking down the street when I passed the bus stop and I stopped a guy waiting there... I thought it was a bit strange since I know that the last bus had passed a while ago but I kept walking.

Usually, when I'm walking I like to sing out loud if no one is around me... so I singing very loudly with only one earphone on when I thought I saw something behind me so I turned around and the guy from the bus stop was standing a few meters away from me. Strangely, he wasn't walking on the sidewalk but near the fence, in the shadow. I stared at him for a few seconds and I started to walk again. I turned around again and he was walking towards me this time! When he saw that I had turned around again, he stopped walking again!

I started to freak out… I grabbed my cell and I called Eru: he was the last person on my dial list and I told him to stay on the line with me and that I thought someone was following me. I turned around and I saw the guy doing the whole stop-walking-when-you’re-watching thing again. I walked really fast to get home and as soon as I did, I called the cops. They called me back later to tell me that they had sent 2 cars and searched the area but didn’t find anyone.


Most of my friends said things like: “Fred, you know how to fight… you should have just kicked his ass!!”. People, there is a difference between fighting for your life and fighting during a [insert martial art of your choice here] competition! The best way to win a fight, is to run away from it. That’s the first thing any master of any martial art will teach you.

… I should get back to work now~ hehe

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  1. Oh that sounds so scary! I would have done the same thing and called someone and run home *_* I'm glad you're ok!