Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Small haul + Canada Day =D

I’m sorry I haven’t updated regularly lately! If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that I got a new job! Yay!! Just after I quit Sushi Shop, I got a call for an interview in a hotel where my best friend Annick works at. Just a few hours after the interview, they called me back to tell me they hired me and asked me to start the next morning!

Anyway, enough about work!

Well… another awesome thing about my new job is that it’s located in the middle of Montreal’s shopping district! Since I have to familiarize myself with the area, I seized this opportunity to do a little bit of shopping hehehe~

clothes From left to right: Twik, La Senza, Suzy Shier, H&M and Twik

I picked up the jacket when Annick and I went for breakfast! That time I also got a nice blouse (I came back later to buy 2 more in white and grey! yay for office clothes lol) and the night gown. In the summer, no fabric feels nicer then satin! I’ve been wearing the apricot dress every time I go out lately; it’s so soft and comfy yet classy because of the ruched shoulders.

DSC01436love the cami~

I’m so tired because of work I’m off to sleep (it’s not even 9!!! lol) but before so, I want to give a shout out to a Youtuber that doesn’t get enough love IMO. I’ve been watching his channel for maybe 2 years now? He’s really funny and creative AND he included my latest random comment in his last vid =P So make sure to check Gunnarolla’s channel!!

It’s also CANADA DAY tomorrow! So for all my fellow Canadians out there, have a great day and be safe while celebrating ^^


  1. Nice buys and congrats on the job~!

  2. Happy Canada Day! Nice haul there, everything is pretty but also very versatile looking. I hope you get on well in your new job!

  3. Thanks =D I like getting items that I now I can wear for a long time~ 

  4. You got some really nice items, I love the La Senza cami the most, it really is cute and sexy^^ You look very lovely and ready for summer!

  5. hehe it's actually a nightgown (is that the correct word?) I just had to make it smaller to fit the picture lol