Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Small update… that turned out to be quite long 8D

I haven’t talked about my daily life in a while!! Things are a little bit crazy right now… The owners of the sushi restaurant I work at suddenly sold the restaurant which caused us to have 3 new managers who replaced my previous boss. I was a little bit awkward first since these guys have no experience at all in managing a restaurant so for 2 weeks we trained them…

And now they’ve turn into complete know-it-all-jerks! They were really nice at first but now they’re are just mean towards the employees: they even cancelled the raise everybody was supposed to get! When I tried to discuss it with them, one of them rudely said to me: “Why should we give YOU a raise anyway?”. I was so offended… I’ve been working there for 2 years, trained most of the cashiers that are currently in function in the restaurant and I work hard. Being told that was worst then being slapped… Ever since we had that conversation, they’ve being on my  back for no reasons and I got sick of it: Sunday, I gave them my resignation letter. I feel much better now that I know that I only have 2 more weeks left with these irritating people!

I feel a bit sad to leave this place; I love the people who work there! Sadly, it seems I’m not the only one who’s leaving…

It was Keum-Yeo’s birthday a few days ago; it was a lot of fun! A lot of people showed up so when we arrived the restaurant was full of people that KY had invited! Most of the pictures I took turned out of to be too dark to be salvageable even with photoshop except for this pic with Tami~

Thanks for inviting me Keum-Yeo~ It was a lot of fun =D

I’m glad my job in a hotel is going well tho! My best friend Annick also works in a hotel at night so last saturday we went for breakfest after work and shopped a little bit =D

100612_075915 100612_075831
Ordering! I had Benedictine eggs and Annick had pancakes~

The service really sucked… the waiter asked for our order 2 minutes after we sat down so obviously we weren’t ready and he only came back 30 minutes later! I would have understood if the restaurant had been crowded but it wasn’t the case… Then Annick ordered a fresh banana juice; it was so fresh that half of the banana was intact in the glass o.O


After eating, we were lucky enough to ran into Koreans watching the South Korea VS Greece match! we watched a bit and saw that Korea won~ I’m not much into soccer but the ambiance was nice! After that, we went shopping and I picked up a few items for work at Simons and some sleepwear at La Senza… I would post pics but I feel quite silly taking pics of my clothes laying on my bed so I’ll do some outfit posts soon~

In the meantime please bare with this lousy self cam I took tonight before going out for coffee with Annick~ I really liked my make-up today =D

 100615_213707 100615_230045

I’ll update very soon with more outfits haha sorry for the lazyness~ It’s summer after all~ =P


I got a dailybooth~ If you have an account, let me in the comments so that I can follow you =D I wanna stalk your webcam pics =P



  1. >:o omg what idiots! Seriously! Ugh, lol I love your pics. Your so pretty!

  2. Thanks you for your support~ I'm glad I'm leaving! hehe