Thursday, July 22, 2010

Montreal, I really love you!

I said this before, but I love Montreal. I think I mentioned this before, but I work in the heart of Montreal so whenever I leave work: there is always something going on.

Yesterday, I was walking on Sainte-Catherine to meet up some friends in Chinatown and it was the Festival Just for Laughs!

P21-07-10_21.23 P21-07-10_21.26
the outdoor stage and a screen showing funny videos

Charlie Pop was giving a free show and it was realllllllllly cool. If you don’t know who Charlie Pop is, I recommend you search for a few of his videos on YouTube: he’s basically a beat boxing talent (?). I managed to film a little bit of the show though it’s a little bit hard to see since I was a little bit far from the stage…

I’m not really a fan of Charlie Pop but I like what he does; it’s pretty cool =D And seriously; it’s really cool to get to see a free show like that just after finishing work!

P21-07-10_21.26[01] P21-07-10_21.56
People signing plates for a contest and my friend Nate in Chinatown

I don’t think Montrealers realize it but Montreal really is an amazing city. Sure, we get super cold weather during the winter and once the summer is here, we complain that’s it’s too hot (that’s just how Quebecers are XD) but we live in a city where crime isn’t high and we have more festivals then days in a year!

Montreal is number one in Canada for many things! We’re multi-cultural, most people speak at least 2 languages, we’re number one in fashion in Canada, we’re the cradle of North America and I could go one like that for a while about things we’re number one at!

Maybe I’m able to realize this because I’m not from Montreal: I come from a small village 6 hours from here that is so tiny, it’s not on Google Map. Maybe it’s because I lived in France for a while on a tiny island where nothing was going on. Or Maybe it’s when you are not from somewhere that you can realize how amazing a place can be. But after living here for twenty years, I think I can say that I am from Montreal with a lot of pride!

No matter how much I want to travel and live around the world… whenever I think of Montreal, I can’t help but think about this song =)

I wish I could have found a video with English subtitles but oh well~

MontrĂ©al, je t’aime !


  1. I love Montreal too... and it's only now that I am leaving that I realize how much I love this city T_T.. i guess it's always like that...

  2. aaww I understand the feeling... last year I was gone so long... I guess it's when you're away that you realize how home is awesome~ but don't, you'll have a blast in Korea =D

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  4. ohhh I did not know you were born in france... a real frenchwoman! I love montreal too <3 Been there many many times. But I can only speak english and you sorta need both to work there at least.

  5. haha no no no I was born here!

    I worked in France for a while~